Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship

Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship
Not just left sites but many different kinds. Bloggers new policies are clear-no free speech

What Furture Will Be If We Keep Supporting Companies Like Boston Dynamics (Minus The Stupid Ending)

Ok so this is obviously the atypical British ideals of quests, knights, Holy Grail (beer at World's End) and anarchy which is the ending of this movie. It's pretty cool and a bit funny til the World's End pub scene where drunk guys defend humanity's ridiculous shortcomings and the intergalactic order destroys the area in an oddly disorderly, messy dramatic explosion. Can't say I didn't like the homeless community living scenes with zero tech.



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Friday, June 26, 2015

Charleston Church Shootings- False Flag Operation

South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs this was another "false flag"

Many Targets over these years has experienced just how involved the black community is in covert activities such as psychological operations, organized stalking and harassment, even unethical human experimentation.

Not enough of the public know what COINTELPRO was and that agents were not retired just reassigned.

It's disgusting that innocent lives are being ended to manipulate the public, in these 'lone shootings' and suicide killings.

Obamas reaction is complaining that there are too many of these press conferences? Not too panicked or disturbed is he?

(Will someone please take Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out of every SINGLE 'black issue in existence?)

What we should be listening to the pastor sitting next to Sharpton saying that people shouldn't allow anyone to incite them to hate becuz they control you that way.

Of course he started making too much sense and Sharpton had to butt in and start dragging historical black politics into it and intimidations like saying imagine if the black community reacted badly to this and then sighting how the victims simply dont want to become vengeful and venomous.

Why be overtly vengeful and veomius or rioting when you've got most of the USA under control by being a major part of US domestic covert ops on the American public?
The only reason there wasnt a riot is becuz thats not what was required for this operation or desired result. Believe me if they wanted a riot it would have done a certain way to get that reaction.

I also saw a horrible woman from the church say a few words to the camera, she made sure she did a Miley Cyrus with her toungue (tongue out to the side) before she said something about the incident that was non sensical and totally mind controlling andanipulative. She didnt look like Christian.

The main focus is for these groups and these actions to CAUSE CHAOS and this causes CHANGE. Obama promised changed...the trick of the secret societies is that they may promise something but people are naive and foolish about how its going to be done.

ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. Making desired changes by using chaos to manipulate.

These evil forces who only care about gaining their own ends either for themselves or for a certain group or even the NWO.


The New World Order.

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