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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The New Pope

I don't think i have ever bothered with any other religious leader in all my activism except to post a link to something related to the NWO or GS thats important for TIs to take into account.

However ever since these new mayors governors and police chiefs etc my campaign has changed for the worse even worse than during Bush becuz the general pubic weren't involved and there was a subculture and one could still travel freely on the road in America.

The new Pope can s*ck my invisible d*ck.
I dont trust this f*ckin guy and we all know that NO ONE gets into any position of power nowadays without working towards the NWO.

Hating corruption is great...but what about US war crimes?

Its interesting he supports genocide of the Italian and other European cultures via mass immigration.

I will tell u something i dont trust South America at this point either. Theres so many gangs of them in on Gang Stalking ops its ridiculous.

He also blasts Capitalism. Mmkay...so lets deconstruct the Vatican's investments and assets portfolio(s) and all its business interests for centuries.

Hoe about transparency? Wouldn't that be nice.
Oh and all those banned and hidden occult and archeological and religious and other interesting items held under the Vatican so that the public doesnt know what the world is really about.

I miss John Paul. Everybody does. But its an era where everyone in power hS to be manipulative and working psych warfare in unison with the other forces shaping the NWO.

Many Catholics have told me they changed the mass or something like that and its now Masonic in nature and they are refusing it.

The church is responsible for death and destruction of multiple pagan socieites in Europe over a thousand years ago. This first 'world order' has gotten Europeans weakened and primed for this recent one world govt.

They did it once to us why wouldn't they do it again?

The Big Three monotheistic Abrahamic religions are cancers on this planet destroying naturally evolving belief systems connecting people to each other their land and their cultural identity.

South America has amazing evolved natice cultures. Now look at how messed up and impoverished the place is.

Its not about brown skinned people. Its about native peoples.

This childish racist fodder must stop if u want to fight this. Theres a huge percentage of brown skinned people helping these assholes cause chaos and take power....wtf?

The world isnt divided up in the simpleton ways they make it out to be.

Judaism is rhe only one of the three INVADING, FOREIGN  Middle Eastern religious systems that has any ties to the ethnic evolution of its people. And they have mixed so much with non Middle Eastern DNA it might as well be close to a bunch of blonde people following some Middle Eastern-Italian guy named Jesus when none of that culturally or ethnically has anything to do with them or their history.

These religions take people out of their true homelands under their feet and psychologically and spiritually build false environments to trap them.

Besides I saw an interview during Bush's admin post 9-11 where the guy representing the Catholic Church looked more Satanic than anyone ever from any overt Satanic organization and reeked of man-boy love in a way thst was creepy violent and frightening.
Moreso what angered me was the way he pushed Bush around. Like a b*tch.
Bush makes alot of us mad due to his presidency but its obvious he was a puppet and probably blackmailed and theres theories his life was threatened.

He was raised for that purpose anyway. It was just disgusting for a US president to look more like a desperate Hollywood starlet sitting in front of an arrogant powerful producer than our Commander In Chief.

I like gay people. I believe in gay marriage. But Im also a woman and havw had to deal with my fair share of woman-hating-gays. From bears to trannys.
This guy was a faggot. The kind that runs organized crime and thinks no one will see him for what he is as he parades (badly) under respectability in front of the public.

This was the kind of traumatic mind f*cking that has created the trauma based mind control that now rules the United States. That interview along with the other ridiculously vile and violent things we saw have shocked our minds into submission. Notice how they wont show u anyone as sketchy as that now instead they have this kind Marxist pope preaching changes that seem good. Gee where'd the other type of guy working for the Vatican go?

The last pope was evil looking as part of psych warfare most likely. Shocking and terrorising people is what its all about now.

How can u excommunicate the Mafia?  Is he excommunicating all the wealth they've brought to Italy?


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  1. Tbe guy looks more like a businessman than a holy person.