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Friday, July 10, 2015

Linked In: A Possible Resource To Identify Potential Gang Stalkers Also To Familiarize With Local Authorities

I was in absolute awe of the interconnectedness between law enforcement and small businesses. Also,  it lists law enforcement personnel's former military service.

Curiously many of the officers list "community policing" which may be an indicator of gang stalking.  Its now necessary with how ridiculous the harassment has become lately to see if any faces look familiar. It would also make sense that such people would possess the self righteousness that many perps have which is always hard to understand considering many of us TIs are Survivors of horrible war crimes and unethical human experimentation or Ritual Abuse.

Im shocked at how many females there are and at how they look so dressed up in their photos instead of wearing professional clothing. I was thinking that they were fakes and it was perhaps working girls advertising themselves in  a way that they wouldn't be kicked off the site. (Not from this link but if u keep clicking on similar vocations on lists to right..other cities etc)

I hate to say this but this is exactly why women shouldn't be in military or law enforcement jobs. As a woman I know damn well that women aren't going to be as impartial or logical a men. We are territorial and often dedicated to a place or ideal mindlessly. Many females are going to simply run off of jealousy or that female sense of wanting to crush dissidence to achieve peace in a family or community (think mom in your teen years.)

Society is not yet evolved enough yet for women to be in such authority. Just look at the way they portray themselves as objectified instead of just people or professionals. I don't see them males posing that way-with good reason. (If indeed those listings are real and not fakes as I suspected.)

These women still run off traditional forms of female power and being in a traditionally male authority position is just added power.

What shocks me is the listings reflect this little world they have all to themselves in law enforcement and criminal justice or court related employment.

I can imagine civilians are looked at differently than they and TIs are probably completely invalidated in their culture.

These listings should be used to find out who you are dealing with in your local area with legit authorities and then perhaps take a look and see if any of the other ones look like GS familiars. I doubt if the guy in the pic of your local police chief is going to be out and about harassing TIs but perhaps an officer or someone in one of the related positions.

If you travel or move it may be useful to see if any perps there are  in the listings.

Dont abuse this listing becuz recall all the times when my being targeted has ceased upon the arrival of legit police cars and or officers in uniform.

Im sure the officers making bad decisions or getting shot as part of the racial profiling retaliationsin are also victims of this chaos making system so TIs have to be discerning and remember that the GS system is a different layout than normal life. Its like an invisible overlay over society's normal accepted layout. Different people and businesses etc connected in ways that people wouldn't think of.

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