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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama's Extreme Anti Terror Tactics Recieve Backlash From Liberals-Its All NWO Deception


"If Bush had done the same things as Obama, then more people would have been upset about it. He is a Democrat though, and to an extent can get away with it," said Daniel Ellsberg, who as a government official leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and helped to expose the truth about the Vietnam war. Ellsberg is now one of the plaintiffs in the case against the NDAA and insists that the administration has used the law to give itself widespread and unconstitutional new powers: "We have been losing our guaranteed freedoms one by one."

Also in every city in the country its becoming anti Traveler and anti Homeless and harder to gept around the country in alternative ways.

Obama is African and American. Obama is 'black'. That is one of the reasons hes ae to pull this off without the public paying much attention to what hid administration is doing.

The theory is that all the racial concern and upheaval and chaos lately is to be used as diversion.

He's also from Harvard and Chicago. All this Liberal Left and playing the race card is simply diversions from his basically working for the same agenda as Bush. It just forces or manipulates people into not questioning him.

His admin is marked by deception that is much more infuriating than Bush's arrogance ever could have been.

Either terrorism is increasing becuz its a set up by our own people or being funded by our side as the theories about ISIS or this administration is just pissing people off to an extent that people feel like they not only have no other way out i also think people around the world feel like they dont have as many allies against American power as they did during Bush.

The American public are unbelievably neutralized when it comes to Obama's actions.

They are simply so brainwashed and traumatized at this point that they refuse to equate a limp wristed Liberal black male from civil rights,Chicago and Harvard with US war crimes or oppression, abuse and enslavement the way that a white male in power is percieved as being capable of such brutality.

Trust me that there are very sick and evil people in Obamas administration.

The movement towards a perfect world order is comparable to Nazism.

The people behind these manipulations do not care about People Of Color or world peace. They care only to enslave humanity.

Everything else they put forth is a lie. Deception. And everything that is being done is to cover for the NWO taking over the entire planet as it creeps into every corner whatever kind of humanity exists there.

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