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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A.C.O.R.N. Has Been Crushed 2010/Why Activist TIs Must Keep Going

Well at least there's some justice thats been served from activists work over these years.

Its no wonder they have to work hard to make people like me who are heroes, work tirelessly and expose corruption oyt to be bad guys.

Not just cover organizations like ACORN but the WIKI Leaks and other exposures have the power structure and their accomplices in the lower classes and elsewhere scared. Thats what other serious, for real activists are telling me.

I have been poor and in a typically greedy corrupt area of the country to know that govt money is used to cover for organized crime activity. Ita fused to reach an acceptable quality of life.

However all this does is perpetuate whats wrong with the system to begin with.

Instead of adapting in this way to poor conditions there should be demands to change them.

Uh why are there ghettos in the 21st century in the USA? Drones and Boston Dynamics creating a androids supposedly just for war zones, and driverless cars from DARPA and AI.

All these advancements and there are still places like the neighborhoods in Maryland I saw just this year that actually resemble third world countries.

Right outside the Pentagon and the nation's capitol huh? That's interesting.

There was a song titled 'Whitey's On The Moon' by an African American artist after the moon landing in the 60s. The singer listed off all the daily problems of his ghetto life existence and then ended each line with "..but whitey's on the moon" (but those in power can send rockets into space instead of fix practical problems).

This is the sort of attitude that exemplified part of the Panther type movements at that time.

Fix practical problems of poverty and deal with slavery from its inception instead of continuing with a slave identity.

And that kind of activism is what COINTELPRO destroyed. Activists like me and other true threats to American and western status quo became targeted in much the same way TIs are today. In a program that was so severe and psychologically brutal even akin to black magick in part that the public would never believe its victims. Even its victims were supposed to not be able to believe or accept the situation existed for them..for life.

Still the stories of these activists is only known to those who are truly versed in the real civil rights struggle that occured. These activists are written off as radicals so ignored as trouble makers by most citizens or probably as hopeless idealistic dreamers by their own people who have shown that being re enslaved in a role akin to plantation house slaves is preferable to being targeted by COINTELPRO.

Most people dont know what COINTELPRO is but they are familiar with The Black Panther Party which is why it was very important to reinvent the party using govt agents or dupes as they exist today.

Malcolm X is dead. Farrakhan lives on as an agitator who can say what he pleases no matter how offensive it is.

These are people who provide a way to blow off steam so that no actual threat to the power structure actually exists.

I dont hate blacks. I loathe house niggas and if people working for the MAN want to come at me and act the fool I will treat them as they are acting.

Racism is an outdated concept. Its far more complex now and the powers and their house slaves don't want people to understand that.

They say race doesn't exist and its a social construct. Yes by those in power. The way its set up now it creates a racial cold war among people. Anything the system DICTATES to people or forces on society that is conformist and not following nature is oppressive.

Not murdering or raping is sensible. Beating people down so that free association does not occur should raise red flags.

The people of color who fight against me are either dedicated house slaves, misinformed or cult mind controlled or brain washed by something like PC culture in its most severe form or a gang which btw many of us believe that modern black street gangs were designed OFF OF THE JIM JONES PEOPLE'S TEMPLE EXPERIMENT.

Just as many people from all walls of life exist to perform gang stalking and harassment for those in power so activists who exist as radical nowadays are from all walks of life.

This is why Targets must be judged on the surface by the fake old system of racism etc. Becuz its to hide the real shadow system in place that exists just as the New BPP hides what happened with COINTELPRO from the public.

Bush did something for us thats invaluable. He began a time of people being forced to show their true colors as human beings. Its a time of separating the wheat from the chaff. And I assume those who engage in organized harassment believe they are more valuable due to the mob mentality.

Targets know differently. We know those willing to fight for freedom and truth and actual justice not some skewed vague brainwash speak term of 'social justice' dictated by manipulators in power, are of worth not those supporting oppression. Just becuz oppression can function in a practical way to provide security and pay offs does not make it what is right or the best outcome for humanity.

The black community regularly takes part in sexual slavery and pandering to make money. This is ironic considering their past but when you arent taught any different you have little options.

What ACORN revealed was a tendency to enslave and benefit from slavery just as had been done to these now mixed peoples of sub Saharan/West African origin for four centuries.
And THAT is what was so embarassing to them about the ACORN scandal not the criminality as much.

Every demographic gets exposed for corruption or mistakes etc.

Poor whites arent racist. We are resentful with being burdened by THE UPPER CLASS WHITES with dealing with the growing pains and processes of Afrixan America becuz we didnt benefit as they did from their enslavement yet we now suffer most from abuse oppressioj even genocide due to their being guided to grow in society.
White folk have had to deal with constant oppression from upper class whites never ending here and in our 'old countries'. We are sick of their games and America is supposed to be different.

We see clearly what they are doing to People Of Color and what they are using them for. And we have lived through the price of being their oxen and we as a people who evolved side by side with them know the price of what they are offering these populations and we know its a devil's bargain. We have enough experience with power to understand its not worth it.

The original activists of People Of Colors many cultures understood this too but through decades of engineering and work by the system theyve all been silenced or crushed.

Those seeking true freedom nowadays are considered foolish for doing so.

If the NWO is such a great idea then why must they lie about chemtrails and domestic psy ops and military grade technologies now being used domesically to hurt or neutralize or control the public?

Whats happened shows that Targeted Individuals activism does have impact. Its the hardest and most thankless job in this world right now and you will never be acknowledged as officially employed or even engaged in warfare to begin with.

There are those that see and know. There are others and they may want to jut see a Homeless person or label you mentally ill but YOU the freedom fighters must know that we do much more than is understood.

The general public seem to be either brain washed or misinformed or just tethered to their devils who provide security and what they percieve as a good quality of life.

Why they fight on this side I will never understand but it doesnt matter anyway.

Now we are being swamped by misguided common people everywhere and this is to drown us out and to try to force us to be like them or believe as they do.

Why the US has lost its mind is of no concern to us. Just keep on the path and know that people who are pretending to be good but are really bad are going to get exposed by our work eventually.

If not now like ACORN then for future generations.

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