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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Guards All Over MA Are playing The Game That Im Dangerous-MA Is Getting Me To Leave

Got vid of guard at door when i was sittig in lobby and deciding its ok to relax and check his phone sittig down.

Hes Latino also maybe just Latino cant tell.

This isnt the first time guards have acted weird around me in MA. Its a trend actually and its total bs based off of some frame up and i dont care what its based off of becuz its all a sst up to mess with me due to my being a whistle blower.

They r also pissed becuz I went down to Austin TX where I did my probation comm serv hours at an art studio for disabled people where there are mixed kinds of people and i was wonderful with the clients as well as made friends with staff.

Why? Becuz it started off with the black lady working there doing tactics and the owner then after people saw i was a decent person it was only the black lady and even she couldn't stand herself and mostly cut the sh*t becuz i worked so hard at that place cleaning etc. Just my work ethic thats all.

And thats why society hates me also. Im old fashoined and believe in doing something properly and completely more like a craftsman than a worker or wage slave.

It was easy in MA to set me up as a horrible person and a racist and crazy but there are decent people left in TX as well as the minorities there are not totally greedy selfish jerks without morals like here willing to do anythig the elite or authorities tell them.

Even the Mexicans there with their heavy gs activity arent as bad as minorities in the northeast. Many of the Latino people here become friendly also. Becuz they remrevolutionrevolutions in Mexico and a quote attributed to Zappata (i forget original author) saying its better to die on your feet then live on your knees or something similar.

This is also why i needed to get out of MA. Theres probably a hate crime databade here or its an offense and im screwed now due to the content of what i wrote on the McDonalds.

Im going to sue that place. Becuz no one has taken into account THAT I STATED THAT I WAS THE ONE BEING DISCRIMIATED AGAINST and Im sick of it.

MA has become oppressive and completely arrogant. What people dont understand is that MA always had the nature of being crushingly oppressive with authorites but people didnt see it. If u crossed the wrong people you got to see it and that heavy handedness from the Puritans as well as organized crime has been carried over into an era that favors completely the corporations, foreign money and the police state withkut the old freedoms of the common people or the rights and privileges system that once existed.

They still wanna be crooked but crack down on common people and suck dry the public with Homeland and anti terror backing them.

Uh this totalitarian set up does NOT work for me.

Back when there was a more relaxed atritude and the Catholic and Irish permissiveness it balanced out but now they want to be like TX or Montana or conservative Cali and still operate like corrupt Yankees.

And anyone who knows what they are up to is going to get crushed.

Fine. Im gone.

Why didn't leave MA on paper years ago?

Becuz I am now convinced they kept me targeted so I couldn't but also was working off my love and connection for this place as a hometown.

They fostered that to keep me here. Now thst my allies are gone and Ive bee discredited in a way that suits them Im being given the ultimatum to leave or be hunted until Im destroyed.

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