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Monday, July 6, 2015

Why is the harasemt so vad now and why so many people who seem?o hate ne

Cwn anyone explain why the gs gas gotten so bad in past year?
Is it every TI or just me experiencijg?

Other people I knew are doing well now. Basically becuz they becwme frindly with the community.

Where tjerss lots of perps.

It seems like after I did my probation and didnt default as well as cut ties with anyomr who had ever shown any signs of being in on harassment. Social networking everything.

No handlers and now a refusal to be naive or put up any mijd games perp games etc.

They are seriously pissed it seems.

I also think it might have been rasy for peope wgo saw ny arrest somewhere to look up my name and theres my activism.

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Anonymous said...

Lately, I've been getting deluged delay with directives and suggestions about 1) that I need to get an attorney for my "situation", and 2) that I need to obtain a life insurance policy. I used to get a lot of directives about meds, and still do, but now they are focusing on the importance of me getting an attorney and taking out a life insurance policy.