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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Im Really Starting To Hate Dunkin Donuts

Why around the country is this chain one of the biggest douches ever? Walmart is f-cked yes but their business practices are f-cked to begin with so it makes sense. Even their hiring questionnaire is messed up.

It said I was too aggressive and had to much initiative years ago so this shows they are designing the standards for employment to support organized harassment among other things.

Most corporate chains have some gang stalking going on its just that certain ones are really bad like McDonalds,Wal-Mart, Target being the absolute worst woth Stsrbucks, Whole Foods and CVS, Walgreens either redeeming themselves depending on the political climate and whos in office or putting forth positive assistance for TIs depending on location or store in a certain location.

Dunkin Donuts now joins the ranks of the worst offenders nationally and I cannot figure out why since they are all franchises I thought but I also dont know anything about their business practices as a chain.

They used to be just a New England local shop many open twenty four hours.

They are connected to the New England Patriots for endorsements and any connection to organized pro sports is going to involve gang stalking.
Drugs, malecentricism, supporting the patriarchy and the military and hiding domestic violence and sexual assault are obvious reasons but also pro sports like Red Sox likes to hob nob with CIA etc.

So this is the price of success in the USA. Its not a true democracy and not everyone can get a fair chance nor doe business success depend on merely hard work and smart networking.

Its all bullshit. America is nothing but nepotism plain and simple.

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