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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Create Racism And Lone Shooters And You Can Get Rid Of Dissidents AND Divert Public Attention

Well if u use psy ops and organized psych harassment to condition inconvenient dissidents into racism (by having racist People Of Color mess with them near constantly as well as one certain race be heavily involved in WAR CRIMES from classified projects connected to MK Ultra such as ritual abuse and further unethical human experimentation then the Target or target forced to become.a dissident activist due to the situation in the furst place, then have a bunch of expendables many with anti govt blogs or pro white philosphies or past militarily service flip out and turn lone shooters then you can once again abuse the PATRIOT ACT or other such things created to be able to oppress anyone against the agenda you are actually TARGETING and HARASSING instead of simply monitoring to continue to discredit and silence that person.

Why not? Youve been abusing the same Target for fifteen years or so anyway definitely since post 9-11. Youve got your mind made up about them being a human sacrifice for society and the agenda anyways.

Its also imperative right now to clamp down on whistleblowers becuz of intel leaks and the public waking up to just what they've gotten themselves into.

You know why Rome lasted so long? Ive read it wasnt just their military and military culture in daily life which America is now obsessed with.

Its becuz they followed their own laws strictly. You see this in the movie Goodfellas where the main character complains the Italians were going through with getting rid of someone close to him simply becuz he messed up and broke rules and it was basically law to take care of him that way.

What the character misses in his Irishness or rather Hollywood special interests dont want Americans to understand about Rome's history is that a law is a law.

If the American public had impeached George W Bush as planned, according to the laws in place we would not be in thus predicament to begin with.

Americans are like children. Ones who are kept so imprisoned by American culture which is the modern west that we've forgotten most of our history from where we came from.

Something startles us and we are used to conflict overseas but not on our own land we cower and run to daddy even though we were just about to send him on his way for cheating the vote to get in. (Its no different from using mass mjnd control in the second election to make a large number of people oddly wanr to vote Republican even though that was not their intention the very day before.)

Americans have brought all these things that should not be on themselves.

Just becuz a group with special interests opens the gates (blowing the Twin Towers) doesnt mean you should be fooled into lettig whatever is there come through.

Im especially insulted at the intimation im dangerous due to the fact I have absolutely no knowledge of weapons or munitions.

Also im female. The day you get a female lone shooter let me know becuz the something seriously is wrong with humanity-estrogen has stopped working.

Good luck then becuz that means no one os going to put up with all your ridiculous war mongering profiteering murderous destructive bullshit and also have children for you so u can send them into the military industrial complex meat grinder.

I think they want to sucker some female TI into lone shooter status.

Then nothing will be safe or sacred and they can really hammer down on anyone not conforming to social norms and get more uptight about their little neighborhoods and stores and sidewalks belonging to THEM.

When are these people going to realize they now live like they are in a militarized zone or on a base?


Animals are so easy to train aren't theu?

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