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Saturday, August 22, 2015

New England's History Of Deception And Intrigue To Protect Its Interests And Cause Terror

The story of John Alden a prosperous man from Boston who gave an accurate account of the use of terrorism and deception by wealthy locals with special interests resulting in the Salem Witch Trials and witchcraft accusations.

They couldnt think of a better place to put the state mental hospital in Danvers (formerly Salem Village heart of the witch accusations and trials) other than on the grounds of the home of the most harsh hanging judge in the Salem Witch Trial$?

Ive seen this before in the USA but especially in the northeast. This perverse insistance on compiling bad energies and memories as a form of metaphysical terror if not psychological.

Auctioning off mentally ill people? Long after slavery had ended which the northeast was so adamant about.

How many of these people were just experimentees or inconvenient people or whistleblowers or dissidents?

It states that lobotomies were being performed on youngsters who acted up in school!

It seems accusations of witchcraft or mental illness kind of line up together. They serve similar purposes to special interests.

Which makes sense to build your state mental hospital on such a historical site. Build up that energy that serves to terrorize anyone not in like with wealth and power's agenda!

(This site by author My American Odyssey has a great tale of corruption in each location visited.)

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