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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Newport RI Sex Scandal-A History Of Utilizing Infiltration and Deception
Seems like Newport has experienced a history of utilizing infiltration and deception for getting rid of enemies.
Didnt realize this place was super religious. Lately Im getting alot of people who are acting out that they are Christian. Thats been going on for approx two years.

Which I ignore becuz in early days they had kids with Satanic patches and bumper stickers (Nebraska) or tee shirts with pentagrams on them(Kenmore Sq Boston a very bad GS spot prob becuz of pro sports Red Sox Nation @ Fenway Park). Mind you the t shirt had creases in it like it had just been out of the package for the psy ops or gang stalking theatre. Like actors use constumes for a play.
I had groups of kids in the Burlington Mall (heavy Raytheon presence) saying directly to me "Where's your god now?". Becuz I guess I was profiled as Christian.
Then they read a TIs blogs and have people gather info from the person and change their game.

ITS ALL ATTEMPTED BRAINWASHING. THEY WANT YOU TO BE CULT MIND CONTROLLED IN A GANG. IT DOESNT MATTER WHICH ONE. JUST TO GET YOU TO JOIN A GROUP IS ENOUGH. Hive mind is what they want from everyone now but any lone freethinking smart Target with a belief system that challenges the NWO is a threat to the status quo now.

Join the military or a religion or a counter religion like Satanism or a gang or a corporation or a community group or...just be a cult member.

Actually being a Traveler or a TI makes you part of groups with thier own cultures but these arent controlled ebough for their liking. These are terrorist groups to thier way of thinking. Anyone who challenges the hive mind and ultimate hive known as the New World Order is a threat.
The harassment in Newport is constant from walking into population after waking to nighttime. Unlike Providence they dont harass me in my sleep spots. In Providence little shits walk by and yell "church!" if Im sleeping behind a wall in a church or theres constant noise campaigns which include cars with loud music and beeping and peeling out loudly as well as fire and ambulance which is quite uncommon nowadays as it was the norm during Bush in early 2000's.

Newport seems to be alot of the older males or couples who seem wealthy but not...WASPy. The older males are the worst and most aggressive. Ive experienced attempting to spit on me while they are jogging to purposely bumoing into me with their baskets in the small local healthfood store.

Its kind of funny actually- these testosterone deprived old men running around trying to hold their dominance over any and every part of society by random acts of old lady-like violence.

If i get hit with a cane or a walker, Im f*cking hitting the floor and going into a laughing fit.
Guess getting rich like they did required playing dirty but its so...immature.

Older ladies try to look pretty and do the hair tactic alot. Lately they've tried to start new tactics by attempting to expand on the originals like the pushing hair behind the ear for women is now becoming women brushing both sides of their hair in an insane looking way repeatedly. Women with long hair are putting their hair up eternally once they see me and only stop when they pass.

It could be becuz my own hair has grown out and they can no longer play on my insecurity about the awkward grow in phase after a shaved head grows in.

Younger males are acting like they are in a gang from the 1950s being intimidating with aggression in stances of vague threat yet laughably white and upper class.

I get ALOT of military and am very saddened to see uniformed Navy personelll partaking in psy ops. Maybe thats part of being in the military nowadays or defending the country.

I see alot of young plain clothes military either vetrans (lic plates) or guys on leave or not working who are very arrogant and thuggish about my being a target. They look like middle class types, low quality people who would be nowhere without the opportunities the military brings.

In the world of us upper, middle to lower middle and low class whites these are males (with stupid looking compliant airhead girlfriends) who I as a lower middle white female would not trust as males. They have rattish faces oe look like what our culture considers punks. As in cowards.

Alot of 'rich' looking people mess with me and I cant be sure if they are old or new money becuz they are young. Perhaps younger old money has lost its classiness and wordliniess and being cultured. Maybe they are just new moneu.

I deal with alot of middle class pukes who aspire to YUPpiedom or showing off by going to Newport on weekends. They will be gone soon.

Again people use their kids and its sickening. Not too many but there's been some and its always so sad.

The most annoying was two young teen males high fiving after they walked by me eating around the water front as they headed to the tourist area. What would two boys that age know about MK Ultra or ritual abuse or mass mind control? Its very disturbing.

And long time locals are either friendly and normal (thank goodness for the few real wealthy I run into or cool local) or if they do a bit of tactics while talking to me you can see they arent that into it. They usually have rich histories of business ownership in the area and are friendly with teachers at the military colleg etc.

Alot of the perps here seem to be from out of town.

I havent run into 'repeat' perps lately which are people you KNOW you've seen in other parts of the country before. Los Angeles is the place where Ive experienced seeing multiple people who were doing domestic psy ops in other locations of the USA. Creepy.
Kind of gives credence to the idea of 'crisis actors'. Hmm.

Of course alot of Jewish looking people here doing harassment as its an area of very old US Jewish money.
They could never be as viscous as Israelis are to me.

I disregard Jews regularly also. They love in a fantasy world created by a culture that doesnt seperate state and church as well as their culture lives deeply in denial of alot of things. They suffer greatly as a people without any outside help. In Providence two Rabbis looked like they were actually running from me as I approached where they were standing to walk by. Its unnecessary.
Im hard and determined to complete my task but I am fair. Besides Jews like Native Americans have always been to my care or benefit somehow in life even despite themselves. I dont know what their problem is but I try to ignore it. Also in Brookline MA theres been enough of them being helpful among the many perps there.
Jews historically always go off into thus golden calf phase or Tower Of Babel and always get put back in place by whatever force is their god. They may be the chosen people but they are very naughty determined children sometimes.

Also one must remember that this administration's game is to try to create white supremacy in people especially those who may be pushed to snap and become lone shooters.

Now they are confusing the public with this recent lone shooter who is black but gay and shooting two whites but they were wearing the colors of what seems like an African American power movement-black and red. (News casters recent shooting in Virginia. Gotta remember VA is where the Pentagon is located. Not Wash DC. Not Maryland. Ive been to 'the devils swamp'. Lockheed Martin was our neighbor. It had a weird energy and a strange combo of lots of churches and military contractors.)

Im so far removed from the United States as a country that I actually exist often times in the Native energies of whatever land Im on.

Guess there's ways of making someone leave the USA even if they don't get off the north American continent.

I still like this place and aside from creepy Raytheon to the north or the nuke plant over in CT it has a serenity and roots I need. I dont think I can write here or put my book together but Im not sure yet.

I may have to leave the US physically for that.

Im getting sick of 98% of the people I see touching their pockets or sides or putting their hands through their hair especially when people have conversations with me.

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