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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'A Beautiful Mind' Mathematician John Nash (Game Theory Human Rivalry etc) Schizophrenia Consisted Of GS It Seems,_Jr.

Nash speaks of future of mankind:

I had posted a short bit about John Nash after an intelligent perp explained who he was and that he was likely murdered. Trust me when I tell you this was a person involved in organized stalking/psy op etc.  He even admitted to the atypical having been in trouble with the law which is one of the common reasons a person becomes involved in this system as a perpetrator.

He claimed this mathematician Nash had worked on game theories that govts and companies had used to arm their systems against the public.
He then claimed that Nash's later discoveries after further experimentation revealed that rivalries between humans cannot be relied on becuz someone always steps up and "does the right thing".  He then claimed after he brought these findings to these powerful entities "..that's when they killed him".

This is something I didnt find on the internet with the skimming research I did.

It does mention he worked on game theory that's used by companies and the military and some of it consisted of predicting human rivalries.

Looking up Nash again I found he died in a taxi cab in NJ on way to airport due to arriving too early for the limousine that was scheduled.
The cab driver had only been driving two weeks as this was a new business venture for him and his son said he had previously driven an ice cream truck.

Only Nash and his wife died after being ejected from the vehicle. Seat belt compliance became a renewed issue after their deaths (which in the world of the shadow govt I have come to suspect is a diversion as it reinforces the idea of an 'accident' in the public's mind and the fear of it possibly happening to them and diverts the mind away from beginning to consider the circumstances and people involved that might lead to questions or conspiracy theories).

He had just come back from Norway accepting another prize from the establishment for his work. There just days before his death he was speaking of his decades long project of REVISING EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY. He believed he had a better model.

In fact he had spoken to Einstein in the 50s but the conversation was "not productive".
This is just one more possible motive for his 'accident'..other than the possibility it was just an accident.

Yet with Nash its suspect. Ive found that his publicised schizophrenia was probably to silence, divert and even dumb him down. Another manipulation on the public is the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND based on Nash's life where now perceptions have been managed to lead people to believe that every truly smart person whos mind can be so abstract always has the potential to go off into crazy just as a general rule of the nature of such a mind.

Which means that movie and its propoganda about Nash's life serves to cover for every single gang stalking operation perpetrated against Targeted Individuals. Especially those who know something they shouldnt and are smart and naive enough to tell it. In my book I will also touch on how it seems certain minds are in danger of growing and expanding endlessly or to a point where the person becomes so advanced that he or she is a danger to society.

Inducing brain damage (as Nash basically claims the psych hospitals did to him) is an age old way of destroying dissidents. It was used in the USSR to dumb down such people and its used on many TIs.
MK Ultra and programming utilizes drugs like LSD and damaging specific brain areas in laying down programming as well as later behavior modification. Its utilized the way a sculptor uses a chisel to shape and form.

I also found that Nash's paranoid schizophrenia consisted of he starting to see men with red ties (known in TI community as COLOR HARASSMENT) in public spaces in some sort of conspiracy. He obviously had a mind more geared to math not crime or covert warfare and he began writing embassies warning that they were starting a Communist govt in the shadows or covertly.

Note McCarthyism was prevalent at the time. Red was and is the color of Communist countries like China. It would be normal for him to make such associations.

The deception from the system lies simply in the belief that an organized group was NOT using behavioral psychology to confuse him and create such associations in his mind and perception.
If such a covert activity were occuring such a reaction from him might be possible and quite normal.

This is the greatest problem with psychiatry that exists. No legit investigation into claims of criminal or covert spycraft or psychological warfare via psy ops type activity.

Many people experiencing these situations where clinical paranoia is actually induced are persons with great reason and credibility to actually HAVE such a situation occur in their lives.
Thats never considered. Psychiatry is a hammer put down on society and the public respond just as they did to they did to the church's Inquisition.

Dont question, dont think or reason. Do not counter the official tale or you will be persecuted as well.

Ironically one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy is the fact that organized religion is not questioned by psychiatry yet any other sort of  belief  is 'magical thinking' etc. So as long as you go to church and do as the herd does as a socially acceptable activity and believe in this god via the institution of organized religion or worship privately you are mentally sane.
If you go against the system becuz this god or any other force is guiding you or believe you are a prophet etc you then become mentally ill.

Well we wouldn't want to step on the toes of an institution of social control thats proven itself effective over many millenia. In fact psychiatry seems to serve to catch the modern day straglers who arent caught in the nets of traditional controls.

And anyone getting really out of line or posing a threat who is believable or qualified to prove such information will become mentally if timed like a clock. You could even hedge bets on it.

He had come from MIT. He had been to McLeans hospital. Ive been those places. Ive lived in this area. They are major gang stalking hotspots.

The man who told me that Nash was killed due to his possibly screwing up the game theories that power structures have now used to arm everything in our society against the public with his new discoveries from further game theory experiments was part Jewish. So is Hollywood. So is Norway academically.

Einstien is one of the jewels in their crown in the modern west. I just wonder if this was the motive not the Austin perp's claims. I dont have the understanding of his work to find evidence for the claim he had presented new findings for rivalry game theory.

But this in itself this entire post is a study in gang stalking and in Perp deceptions (agents whatever you want to call them). Knowing Im smart but uneducated childlike and somewhat naive by nature this may have been crafted as a sort of hallway and stairs leading nowhere.

They know MK Kids arent afraid to go down dark hallways and that if we get trapped in one we will simply sit and begin to amuse ourselves like children or we will accept what we find and walk out.

Im discovering that gang stalking is constant reprogramming of Survivors as if we are nothing but toy bots. Every tactic every story or explaination or words from perps are just equations or code.

This entire discovery of Nash's real situation  has made the daily tactical gesturing become meaningless.  If it can happen to him it can happen to us.

And we've benefitted from internet activism unlike he or my dad had the benefit of to save them from a label.

Btw how annoying is Russel Crowe? Looking at him in the movie pics then seeing Nash's real life makes the movie look like the piece of crap it is.
And I am totally sick of Opi too its director.

(Btw ive also realized why they keep us so isolated. Becuz then we will become paranoid and hate all Jews or all blacks or whatever. I just had an eye exam by Jews the other day and as usual genuine human decent Jews end up being favorable in my existence not the shitty people who perpetrate all the bad stuff in life. So dont give me any anti Semetic crap. Everyone is suspect on this blog and in this situation. Save the PC for the normals who still believe in psychiatry. They deserve it.)

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