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Sunday, August 30, 2015

'Gang Stalking' In All Its Forms Might Be Citizen's Trying To Avoid Committing Treason By Aiding An Enemy Of USA

"As a result of the contents of the "Invitation" video, he was charged with treason because "[h]e chose to join our enemy and to provide it with aid and comfort by acting as a propagandist for Al Qaeda," as Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty explained.[2] H"

Giving a homeless Target money may be aiding or providing comfort. Providing adequate medical care. NOT lying to or decieving the targeted person.
NOT harassing, stalking-partaking in psychological warfare may be providing comfort.

Being genuine with the person or treating the targeted person humanely may be considered providing aid or comfort.

NOT shunning and abusing.

Its amazing what kind of terrorism govts and their special interests cronies can come up with...with the help of shill lawyers of course.

I got this terrorists wiki from the next post that points out his grandfather was a prominent Jewish urologist.

A drone strike is so convenient becuz then no one can see a trial or hear what the person has to say.

And homegrown definition means that the person converted to a belief system so strongly that they were willing to destroy or harm their own country.

You mean like people who are greedy? Like why Cali is bankrupt becuz public workers scam the place by working elsewhere all their lives and transfering to Cali to get the pensions etc?

Or like the Satanic types who include Obama and the likes of his creepy cohorts in CT, the crisis actors for the Sandy Hook shooting? Complete with little girls posing like grown whores for cameras or making the sign of the horns sucking on their two middle fingers and wearing black and red?
Posing sitting on Obama's knees months before the shooting?

Or AfroCentrists or Multi Cultists who are destroying entire cities and middle to lower middle cultures in the USA or destroying thousands of years of history in Europe?

Know what? This is all through methods of mind control. This is elitist terrorism using expendable people.

And I can tell you from experience that rhe people responsible are THE most ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS people I have ever seen in all my life especially for such a large cohesive organized group.

They are absolutely convinced of their omnipotence and that they are unseen unexposed unsuspected and will never be caught for partaking in war crimes under international law.

Ive spent my life defending myself against these bastards who set people up for their patsy/useful idiot expendables programs.

Make sure they are wrong about their firm belief that they are fucking god. Who needs any belief systems when you've got the ultimate mob?

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