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Monday, August 24, 2015

Something Else Making RI Undesirable : Raytheon and Doom Gloom Nuclear Facility

Yeah Im all set with this bs. Newport isnt a relax spot for ME anymore I guess. This and whatever nuclear power reactor that can be seen off in the distance across the water on the way down to Newport. I think its in Connecticut.

No wonder the water seemed...not so refreshing and natural as it should have been.

When are humans going to get a clue? Stop creating stuff you cant get rid of. And you wonder why smart people become dissident against your systems? Becuz its insane. Its the workings of a bunch of short sighted simians who somehow got genetically spliced with a divinity or god like streak but are ill equipped to handle such capabilities.

Who the fuck creates PLASTIC? And then utilizes it in the careless and overuse that it is? Daily throw away cups for drinks? Are you insane? Perhaps IF if was even allowed to be manufactured it would only be used for medical necessity on a small scale or space travel or something less prevalent like that where necessity made its existence manageable.

Man is completely fucked and nuclear power is just one example. The waste it produces is dangerous to life and unatueal to the environment. Unless you can create a natural enemy or decomposing agent for nuclear waste you have no business creating it.

Its common sense like this that gets smart people targeted. Humans should be way more advanced and evolved for improced conditions and technologies that work WITH nature not against it or in the interest of its destruction than they are now.

Cant you see you've been manipulated? Yiur entire evolution has been interfered with. Duh.

And Raytheon is like all over the planet. Only countries like Norway, Russia the Middle East and most of Africa arent contaminated with their presence. Perhaps Im not completely informed to be fair. For all I know they protect countries and captives like me against worse forces than themselves if thats possible.

It was so sad to see that plant and the Raytheon sign going down there.

So much for a romanticized past of grand olde money and getting away from the commoners.

Ill go out there and squat a spot I dont give a shit. Becuz I dont take tours of mansions. Im not impressed. I know damn well I belong in one of them.

If i wasnt trying to leave the country id get a record by squatting one of em just for a statement.

I should own an island that size by now..and everyone knows it.

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Anonymous said...

I heard a commercial a couple of days ago where the woman says "did you know Nuclear Energy is one of the cleanest/greenest form of energy there is"? Again, it's a mindwash. It seems obvious that wind farms and solar energy is way more cleaner, and what about the nuclear waste? Do they not care about what happens to future generations? They conveniently leave out the part where they have to put the waste somewhere. Maybe when people start seeing fish with 3 eyes that glow in the dark they will realize that Nuclear is NOT a very "clean" nor "green" source of energy. And I'll never forget this disaster, the panic it caused:

Accidents like this are VERY SCARY indeed. Oh, but they say they've fixed everything and learned from the experience. Yeah, hello fish with 3 eyes...