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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cant Get Away From Handler Whos Dangerous (Two Years Now)

(Update: i finally made a break and went somewhere he cant go. Its the weekend so it's easy. This weekdays will be the challenge. Also its cooling down so the heat wont be such a factor in being driven to lose control or become insecure enough to return to this person who is obviously part of the campaign either through gang association or being in with corrupt authorities to stay out of trouble.)

I cant get away from this awful man whos my handler. The psycho management during the week is so powerful in the last two years (approximately) that i cant think clearly or reason. There are other things being used as well.

This is the same guy whos been handling me for a few years and i cannot get away from him. Hes very good at deception and can act like he's normal and not in on the psy ops campaign but is very manipulative in actually doing tactics while convincing me he isn't.

Certain authorities have been trying to prevent him from being around me for years but his hold is too strong.
They will do things to show me he's a scumbag to.get me away from him or to punish him it seems for handling me but the controls over me from years of psychological warfare and tech/chemical influence thats so heavy handed in US cities now makes it impossible to get away from him.

If i try to they just harass me heavily until feel isolated and beaten down so i have only him as someone familiar to run to.

This also is due to Harvard Square being destroyed as a home for me with a family type environment.

The Obama administration's policy to end homelessness by 2015-2020 is obviously a way of gettinf rid of anyone targeted or resistant to the New World Order.

Keep in mind that the NWO is a false Promiseland put forth by special interests. If it were such a great idea then why dont they tell people about the use of technologies, chemtrails etc?

I dont know where to go thats safe and has other resistors. RI seems to be fully compliant but just not as brutally greedy as Massachusetts.

His job seems to be to get me to believe Im crazy or to move forth with the plan to make me appear mentally ill. This is being done by he doing tactics near constantly in small ways and then more obviously when another perp is doing it while talking to me or around me.

Thus I believe in him as a person and am attached to him so his doing gestures then denying it specifically when a perp whos overt about it is doing it is brainwashing me to deny what I see in front of me and thus wearing down my resistance.
Also him minimizing my situation and blowing it off then totally disrespecting me by actually doing tactical gesturing is wearing down everything from my resistance to determination.

This man is now a fugative from the law. He also suffers from hearing a voice he claims commands him to do violent things and he has spent a lifetime resisting this.

When i heard that yestersay it made it easier for me to let him go as he is going to try things out with another woman in another state (but supposedly if it doesnt work out come back to me). You'd think by logic i would stay away from the guy.

This is how heavy the mind control has become in the United States over the past two years. The Obama administration is very dangerous but people dont seem to understand this. Its another.major reason for all the racial diversions.
This handler of mine is also very dedicated to African Americans and claims to have been in a small gang down in Florida. Ive seen African Americans actually handling him before after he was injured in a bicycle accident where he fell.

Hes submissive to blacks and is drawn to them.

Once again, what am I doing with this guy?
After they destroyed the street scene in Harvard Sq Cambridge once the new administration took office that's when i began to become totally isolated. Its also when i got arrested for doing something totally out of my character (writing something on the side of the McDonalds in Central Sq).

Im so isolated and now being beaten down with heavy mind control in the environment that I dont have much control over my emotions.

It has been very hard to realize that Harvard Sq was really always run by these rich kids who were protecting the establishment and totally aligned with Harvard and the elite's interests only pretending to be fighting the system. In actuality their purpose was to ensure there is no truly alternative sub culture in Harvard Sq around the university.

Its probable that this was put in place decades ago during the COINTELPRO years or even before.

I notice they keep Harvard focused on protests like Black Lives Matter but no one is protesting automated warfare like drone strikes and the military industrial complex and its various other parts (prison, entertainment etc).

After going to live in Austin TX I see the brilliance in covering up the most conservative establishment power structures by immersing them or surrounding them with supposedly alternative subculture values and culture or the arts or bohemians.
The Liberal elitists simply do the same thing.

Harvard may have had some fight left but thats gone now. So is Harvard Sq. Only the Harvard grounds remain unaltered and that doesnt count for much if the people within are totally kept isolated from any messages of whats happening outside.

Much of the student body are now dedicated to becoming corporate professionals and they are firmly on the side of the gang stalking system (domestic psy ops against dissidents).

The main reason its impossible for me to stay away from this handler is that hes probably related to me. He looks exactly like my mother's sister Deborah at times with certain facial expressions and in much of his facial features. Hes red headed and she was very blonde but the similarities are striking.
Thus im genetically bonded to this man and his pheromones probably keep me attached to him.

Its either Irish or Dutch or thru Canada. It looks either Nordic or Dutch the ethnicity of he and my aunt.
Curiously my aunt is the only one in our family to have preferred black friends and black music and culture. Thats another similarity thats strange.

Its easy today becuz its Saturday but on Monday I will lose my Willpower and be unable to think clearly.

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