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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Providence RI Police Allegedly Watching Mentall Ill Or Anyone Self Talking...AS DIVERSION FROM DRUG DEALING VAGRANCY ETC

I am going to sue the living shit out of everyone humanly possible anyway but add to it that the scum who manage crime and contain some of the most corript people in the nation (New England authorities) are actually in some areas WATCHING people who self talk due to them being suspect of being FANGEROUS.

The public are so dumbed down nowadays as well as sheltered from how crime works, used to work and still does but is better hidden from them nowadays as well as they watch too much TV THAT THEY ACTUALLY CANNOT TELL WHO IS DANGEOEUS AND WHO ISN'T.

Some black lady at a bus stop pointed out a homeless black man who was obviously mentally ull (or a Targeted Individual who never understood his plight or both perhaps) and she was so conditioned to be a snob to this poor soul talking about his "black ass and stinkin,talkin to his self". Self hate much?

Then she said "the police is watchin him too." Because he talks to himself and that means he could be dangerous. She said that someone is a nut or crAzy that if turn your back on them it mifhr be your last day or some nonsense.

The police in NYC dont bother with such people nor do they do so in Boston as fR as I know and definitely not in California etc.

Why is RI specifically Providence obsessed with some guy like that?

So let me get this straight. The authorities are watching or surveilling someone but have not collected intel on this person such as mental health records etc to determine a true level of danger or the persons psych profile or history?

If this isnt more intimidation from the gangsta wanna be crowd that infests Kennedy Plaza and downtown Providence then if such a thing is true its ridiculous.

They need to clean up all the vagrants and dealers down at Kennedy Plaza and the downtown before focusing on some guy who self talks as a diversion.

Why is the bus stop area so screwed up anyway? And why are RIPTA police so corrupt?

Interfering with the bus system..peoples only means of traveling in and out of the city. Hmm we can go foe terrorism on that one as well as interfering with meaningful work etc etc etc.

Im sure i can find a lawyer with a stick up his ass against Prov or RIPTA and just sue constantly and be a pain in the ass until something comes out of it.

We'll make it sport..since the fucks down here seem to treat organized harassment as sport especially the arrogant males.

So you are framing people up and having idiots in trouble with the system agitate people in front of cameras and thinking this will discredit someone?

We can start with my sanity never being in question until a certain federal investigation in Boston came about and before that AFTER MY MOTHER WAS GOING TO GO TO THE PACHRE UNDER CLINTON IN 95.

Hmm only then did I begin having panic attacks and then sent to a psychatrist. Only then did strangers start parking outside my family's house and other forms of psychological harassment.

The Indians who own the 7-11 and their house niggas are ultimately arrogant and think this is just a joke and no one is going to listen to me.

Good luck in your insular little world in Providence RI.

Its not the good old days anymore and nust becuz authorities are the ones behind organized crime now doesn't mean that wont fall either.

The public are waking up to how THIS svam works too. Soon it will be time to find yet another way to hide what you do and intimidate the pubic effectively.

Keep laughing. People all around the world will love to know just how America works and just how arrogant protected peon size crimnals are here.

They think becuz I operate from bohemianism and poverty I wont win.

Typical pathetic middle class mindset.

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