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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stay Away From Starbucks Harvard Yard aka 'The Yard'. New GM and Other Staff Changes

Cambridge still obsessing themselves with making me out to be a racist by having African Americans gang stalk me constantly and young black males act arrogantly.

After the difficult period in childhood I had being victimized by African Americans in the Bosron school system during desegregation in the 1970s and how racially charged Boston is by nature due to poor whites and poor blacks competing for the elites attentions favlr and benefits, its undoubtedly part of my childhood psych profile that this is a very sensitive area for me.

Then being victimized so severely as an experimentee in continued MK Ultra connected unethical human experimentation leaves my psych wounded enough to be easily manipulated into pure hatred.

As Ive posted before African Americans working for the system on CLASSIFIED levels are part of the process that seems to be creating racism and racists who act out often violently.

Being a woman the most they can get out of me is verbal expressed anger or written word.

I have a theory. Theres a conspiracy theory that the holocaust was actually set in motion by the elite and partially this was Rothschild.

Israel could not exist without it being partially a reaction to this event.

African peoples perhaps seek to build a similar powerful nation based on this level of oppression.

DO NOT BE MANIPULATED INTO THIS as you will be used to make ultimate martyrs of this population.

Theres also too much racism being CREATED as diversion from other political issues but also to serve the agenda of the elite.

These people dont care who the slaves are or who gets to be house slave and who serves beneath JUST SO LONG AS THEY HAVE SLAVES IN SOCIETY.

Got gang stalked in this Starbucks in a way and with an intrusiveness I had nevsr experienced before. THE PLACE ACTUALLY HAS A DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE. I could 'feel' the difference when I was in line to order but couldnt realize what I was feeling.

Cancelled my order I was so disgusted. And I left calling the manager a two word nasty phrase the nature of which is EXACTLY what they want as Cambridge continues busying itself framing me up as a racist.

U suppose I simply dont understand the competitiveness instilled in Harvard's students and faculty. That alls fair asog as you dont get caught and that power should crush dissidents completely.

Then why am I here,why did my parents meet here and why do I have a deep connection to Harvard specifically writing this book I hope will help ALL people and get vengence for my parents?

Now they are trying to take out all the outdoor seating in front of Au Bon Pain including the chess tables.

So bohemian types and even homeless cant play chess in Harvard? In our community here we have an older black man who used to do Afro Centrism activiam who is a registered chess master. Bohemian type kids play chess out here with all types of people. Its a Harvard thing and like everything else truly Harvard these new people in charge want to destroy it.

I hope Harvard bites back at them.

I wonder if Im some sort of guardian. My own writing may have caused this as Ive made observations about Harvard's design being a magickal one.

People dont realize the NWO seeks to destroy the light.

Already there are chip cards replacing magnetic strips on credit cards. We know what the natural next step is.
Uh myself and others can say with confidence that chipping people has mulyiple possibilities for abuse of power the public arent being told about.

So they are trying to dumb down Harvard. Id say this is fairly dangerous but also it seems like people dont understand whats happening.

Thats becuz only the bohemians and the old money types and intellectuals are the only ones who understood what places like this were about and what their true value is-to society and to humanity.

Down in RI someone tols me your average person thinks RISD is some small unimportant school on a hill. ITS THE BEST ART SCHOOL IN THE USA. Its amazing or was. I modeled there late 80s. Teachers would challenge students by sternly telling them if they cant get excited about arms and feet and legs "then you dont belong here".
Its like those personal ads from artists who seek others and get disgusted with bs replies so put up pics of artwork and make the people replying name the artworks before entering a reply. (Yes i read personal ads for amusement).

The approach demanded only artists attend there not people trying to learn to draw.

The people infesting Harvard now seem to be color by number Da Vincis-while the rest of us suffer in silence watching our world be torn down.


This is how to destroy a rare thing or person or design-hand it over to the average public who now believe they are wealthy just becuz they may be rich.

They don't care what they are destroying or the price to humanity in the long term. They only want another mall to hang out in.

There are other Starbucks in Cambridge and surrounding areas and they seem to have kept their composure and class.

As much as I bitch about Starbucks being a major gs chain I did state that they do redeem themselves or are more normal or not by location. The Yard had alot of jerks coming in as customers. It also had one maybe two active perps. But others retained an old money or true wealth sort of WASP sympathy for life's hardships and they seemed politically informed.

Its part of the Harvard Mall now. The pleasant heavy weighted energy like that of a multigeneration heirloom made of something precious is gone now. And the chandelier made of antlers only added to that.


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