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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lone Shooter Kills Former Co-workers Live TV, He Posted Vid-Possible Targeted Individual

Ok so its time to take our activism more seriously out here fellow TIs.

I now understand why it might bw useful to do street awareness for gang stalking becuz I thought it was fruitless for the self defense of just myself and other TIs whom Ive pretty much been isolated from in past few years to begin with.

As many people as possible now need to know about this system and how it works.

Also Ive been trying to get to a computer to do a post on lone shooters I now feel strangely about not having time. But it didnt seem like the guy knew about gang stalking which might have been what was going on with him.

I want people to take note that in the Charleston shooting of nine African Americans the main pastor of the church who was present and killed was a politician I believe a senator who was pushing for a bill that would require police to wear body cameras.

Conveniently he dies in the shooting and theres alot of suspicion of those circumstances.

Also please consider that RACISM on all sides is being induced on purpose. Just look at me. Ive been baited and pushed into acting out racially. Years ago I would have simply written "this establishment takes part in gang stalking activity" on the side of that McDonald's not written "Racist n*ggers and spics work here". Especially since I usually get along with Latinos easily. Even the Mexicans down near the border who do harassment alot Ive always found it more tolerable than African American harassment. Prob becuz it wasnt Mexicans who were perpetrating the war crimes of Ritual Abuse along with entire Greyhound buses of perp groups-it was exclusively African Americans or like in the MILAB they were present driving the bus.

Blacks were always the most brutal and abusive gang stalking harassers of any race or culture. And this is on top of my dealing with conflicts as a child in Boston during 70s 'bussing' or forced desegregation.

So after many years of abuse by blacks and they seeming to become more so arrogant and mean during Obama I and otjers simply become BRAINWASHED into racism or become racist from BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.

It was also due to some strong force that seemed to alter the environment that summer this occured and Id posted about general choas and AGGRESSION seeming to become prevalent in the area at this time last summer. The technologies possibly mixed with chemical influence are documented to be able to cause such effects on humans.

Lastly with all the events happening during Obama that are geared towards terrorizing the public into gun control that many suspect are FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS or HOAXES with CRISIS ACTORS possibly or at least compliant participants (prob intel types and families possibly Satanic as in Sandy Hook) we must consider that this is another hoax. It seems like theres enough witnesses and police involved but with the deception they are capable of its always in question.

The shooter had a long history of being agitated. So its a bit of a long act to be putting on. I suspect its real and he was targeted. It fits the profile for being targeted.

And look at the way I and other TIs have been being hit so hard past year or two. Its obvious they want TIs to snap. DONT.

You can travel between close locations like I do and try to keep friends though now you might have to get rid of anyone not being loyal or trustworthy.

Ive had people show their true colors recently and it hurts very much. But that just shows me the reality of them-that they werent real to begin with.

Find ways to cope and spread the word. Its no longer about us as TIs its about the Targets who dont understand their situations or the public who are now beig terrorized to unacceptable levels with statements like "WE ARE ALL TARGETS" in reference to this shooting.

I look at the face of that poor man who shot those people. He will be villianized for his anger and outbursts and of course those shot will never be seen as possibly agitators and bullies or guilty of workplace mobbing and it finally took its toll.

You have to remember that this generation of young people think these behaviors are ok moreso than prior generations. Everything from military service to terrorism to video games to psych meds has made these kids believe and think differently than we remember.

Plus they are young. The powers that be dupe young people all the time for political purpose plus youngsters are nust jerks. I was a jerk until I was 30. I just didn't grow any sensitivities til I was 30.

Note shes wearing BLACK AND RED. And the woman being interviewed is wearing black and white.
GS perps wear black and red in very high numbers with a high frequency specifically in communities that have strong or large African American communities. They regularly use this 'color harassment' on myself and other Targets.
Nash the mathemetician who recently died had complained of this and this period of his life is what A Beautiful Mind is based on. His alleged mental illness.

Also watch and observe GS perps closely. As a person targeted due to being a second generation MK Ultra experimentee and Ritual Abuse survivor I cannot imagine that alot of the common or lower class people I see doing harassment have an understandig of MK Ultra. Their concept seems to focus narrowly on "sex slaves" or some sort of having dealt with the devil in some capacity.

They understand it in terms of simple criminal activity or deceptions being used for sinister purposes.

So keep in mind that, in short these people are really fucking stupid. They do mobbing and harassment due to the human instinct for such behaviors and perhaps out of bad moral habits they picked up at home and have brought into adulthood from the playground.

These are NOT the pros that we've experienced as psychic warriors-Cheney's 'Spoon Benders'. They arent the people involved in the MILABs or other classified experimentation. They arent hardcore Satanic child programmers and killers like Eddy Cox from Louisiana from the Cajun mob which Ive had the displeasure of being stalked by (actually it was very informative).

These arent the groups from military base areas like AZ that approach you and try to break you down to join them by saying "I can make it stop you know" and then describe a 'job' of gang stalking people.

You can tell becuz the people out in public spaces who are on our asses every two minutes can be frightened easily. They are scared. They are shitty people but they are normal human beings.

They dont seem like hardened wealthy ryoes from the DARPA contracting companies who will easily kill etc for their agenda.

My suspicion is that they are just force multipliers so that it SEEMS like the whole world is against us and we are completely isolated.

Once you realize that this system has upped the anti in order to CREATE RACISM, START A RACE WAR and get Targets to snap so they for the gun control agenda and the maintain the need for certain industries with continued terror you should then disqualify yourself from being useful to them at all.

Its very hard right now but you have to stay in control. Realizing its all a set up even on a daily basis is very important and living with that in a way you dont get labeled for it.

Also it was very mean to abuse the camera like that and film his being fired. It was invasive and inappropriate. Gay slurs and racism is hurtful over time as well. These things can all be done by mobbing groups very sneakily especially if the person feels isolated.

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  1. Note the news article calls him a "cold-blooded killer", a good reason for targets not to go on a similar spree. All the news articles will be saying how cold-blooded, evil, mentally ill the shooter was, and they'll be painting his tormentors as little angels. Meanwhile, the perps themselves are cold-blooded killers. They care nothing about human lives; only about pushing their agendas and getting their goals accomplished, and remaining unseen. Nowhere will it say the person was being tormented by a mob of hateful people who knew he was a target and knew others were doing things to him and they thought his situation was SO FUNNY.

    All the perps do is hate. Why is that? Is it the targets fault their lives aren't great or that they aren't anything special? That the only way out of their mundane daily prisons is to push someone to commit such an act? Most of the time, they don't even know the target. And the media co-conspirators, they don't even have access to the target's psych profile, so how do they know he's a "cold-blooded killer"?

    That stuff will never get mentioned. All they'll print is how mentally ill the person was, he was angry with issues, and they'll hide the true causes and motives. I think media outlets know about this, and they do their part to cover it up.