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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lone Shootings Increased 10,000% Under Obama

Great way to get the guns away from anyone who's not complying with the system in the event of  marshall law etc.

You need to ask what is wrong with the country where people would do such things.

Our environment is being destroyed as to no longer sustain human or other life. Cultures that took thousands of years blood sweat and tears to create are being wiped away under the banner of ethnic revenge as if one certain group has been the only ones to ever be enslaved or another certain group the only ones genocided. Whos land do you think you are standing on? Unless you are part Native north American then its a genocided people. South America and Mexico are severely enslaved, mind controlled and disadvantaged peoples due to the actions of multiple races from various countries.

The same people that enslave and exploit are promising you a New World Order promise land that is a deception.

If this isnt so then why do they lie about the use of chemtrails, psy ops and electromagnetic, microwave and other technologies?

Why dont they allow the public to understand the abuses of power that are possible with the sinister use of current and future technogies?

Why arent I a councillor by now, in my own house doing artwork on the side as I planned for my life? Why do I live in the street when my cousin becomes a genetic engineer? Her father killed people. He went to jail for driving a get away car for Whitey Bulger's people. Hes full of shit as is both sides of my family.

Why do the worst people get rewarded?

Its  not becuz Im mentally ill its becuz Im the only one with the intelligence, creativity, athleticism and balls to fight life long enslavement and exploitation and tell everyone the horrors Ive experienced which spells out the REAL NWO.

Its slavery. Slavery is not peace. But to a weakened, terrorized population its relief.

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