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Thursday, August 13, 2015

2002-2006 Spike In Mass Immigration Ireland Was Encouraged By Churches And Non Govt Entities (Companies)

Much of the mass immigration was done by companies wanting cheap labor.

Nigerians claim in their home country Catholic Churches and "non governmental" entities were responsible for giving them a positive outlook on immigrating to Ireland.

The NWO has progressed to a point where anyone in EU who knows whats going on and protests is jailed and in the USA we are discredited with COINTELPRO type programs which nowadays include the use of mind control and behavior modifocation tactics from the MK Ultra project and sub projects which include microwave and other military grade psy ops technologies so that one may be forced to act against ones Will or not in one's best interest if one is targeted.

I was never racist during Bush in the beginning of this but then as I discovered third world migration as one of the tools of creating a NWO for the purposes of enslavement of humanity, I began to be made more and more racially aware then made racist.

This is becuz now I can be discredited as simply a racist and mentally ill or the like. Mexican perps love to intimidate Im a Nazi. (How can that be when I believe the  Native American peoples were genocided and should be returned their land and that includes Mexicans. I think its ridiculous they have to get green cards to return to their own land and get menial jobs. Nazis and supremacists would reject me immediately. Its THE MEXICAN PEOPLE and culture who are actively continuing to destroy their  Native Mexican Indian ancestors even today.)

The NWO is about people being mindless greedy a-holes who dont care about anyone or anything outside their mob who will bully its way into an era of nothing but common people having decent jobs and big screen tvs without a care for the environment or culture or history.
Mind control is used daily and they are addicted to it (video games, internet, television and other media) so will do anything to get it and keep it and since technology is based on planned obsolescence they will have to keep buying it which of course is destroying the environment.

The NWO is nothing but a mob of comin people and hired thugs in a mob bullying their way into the enslavement of humanity all under a corporate culture that IS their god and IS their cultire, ethnicity and history.

Putting black gang members and other gang members into jobs around the country has resulted in every city being like East Germany. Obamas plan for Diversity through low income housing in every single US neighborhood is akin to mass immigration into Europe. These people will deal drugs, spy and do other dirty work for the system which is why rhey are used for this purpose.

Its like east Germany was but with third world immigrants, African Americans and Latinos.
Its not that organized harassment doesnt happen in all 'white' areas becuz it certainly does. But those people are trying to protect what they have or support the system or they are maintaining.

Harassment by the demographics mentioned is extremely brutalizing and damaging due to those people using org harassment as opportunity for advancement financially or in social status.

Their racism and sexism in perpetrating organized harassment is unprecidented. African Americans did nothing BUT spy on people before they gained freedom from slavery and in fact spying and having their own networks within communities and large extended families is how they gained their freedom and advancement in society primarily.

They dont care who is in the way and they dont care what other cultures they destroy.

The designers of the NWO have created entire armies of their socially engineered demographics to take over the world on their behalf.

These are not people who believe in the Constitution nor do they believe in freedo and liberty as America once stood for. In fact most have never experienced such concepts in practice.

They are the ultimate house slaves as Malcolm X coined the term. Which is wby he is dead and that ring master circus clown Farrakhan is alive and can tour the country spewing forth hatred and saying whatever he wants.

Switzerland who was smart enough to not join the EU and brave enough to dis Oprah (who used her power from a privileged class and position the US's '1%' in society to protest as if to be an underprivileged negro experiencing racism) keeps immigrants in encampments instead of releasing them into small village towns becuz they have proven a large percentage of the immigrants begin drug dealing networks and destroy whatever area they are released into.

This isnt multiculturalism. Thats a front. The entire ruse is completely insane and only through mass mind control and manipulation could any of this be pulled off.

Now that the diversions of Bush and early Obama have gone now its time to create racism as a focus so anyone realizing whats been going on while we were focused on war and anti terrorism or economy will be discredited for mapping out how mass immigration and Diversity is an intregal part of lowering the quality of life in every first world country so as to create a new Dark Ages so that therw will be no one left to counter the elite nor even care or understand what they are doing to oppress humanity.

You'll be too busy being dumbed down or intimidated in your own neighborhood or country. And the majority WILL support the corrupt system that gave them a 'step up'.  By having no conscience and being vicious in destroying your life through covert harassment.

East Germany type Stasi activity IS the problem with 'the browning of America' as well as violence intimidation and a loss of quality of life. Remember COINTELPRO began as all African Americans to infiltrate the Black Panthers.

People arent racist so much as they are trying to not be destroyed as well as have their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness instead of dumbed down misery and daily intimidation and or violence (and thats for people who arent targeted).


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