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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oregon Health and Science University: TI Harassment, MIT and DARPA Funding

OHSU takes DARPA money and is connected to MIT via such funding which would explain why they botched my abortion and I suspect added some sort of new chip or technology. Id already suspected some sort of simple chipping during my 1997 laparoscopy for IC. I NEVER should have had this done. I should have taken Elmiron instead and seen if that worked or not. I was conditioned at that time to accept invasive surgery for endometriosis and had no other medical experience other than that past conditioning.

After that surgery I always had issues with sexuality and during the worst torture years of Bush I had alot of sexual torment that eminated from that scar area. Magnets put over the area seemed to provide relief.

After my abortion at OHSU a couple of years ago this effect was renewed and I also feel as if some sort of surveillance technology has been introduced as the article claims is possible.

I also experienced a year or so of behavior modification and torture stemming from my abortion and it seemed to stem from the physical location of the womb itself.

This connection to MIT would explain why as I began to look up lawyers to sue OHSU for just the near hemorraging afterwards and the male doctor's inappropriate behavior at an emergency check up afterwards when i was bleeding- MIT police made a walk through the library I was in. It was so intimidating that I simply stopped my reseach and any idea of suing ever again.

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