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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Who Did SUBWAY Piss Off? (Spokesman Arrested For Pedophelia)
Pressure from the public and other food companies to change menu and drop dangerous chemicals from bread.

SUBWAY drops artificial ingredients by 2017.

Really? It took this long to catch this guy and this comes right after the announcements of changes to their food production?

Subway isnt at the top of the list for gang stalking harassment from employees or from customers nor is there any especially damaging tech seemingly being utilized via the security systems like McDonald's or DD or Walmart.

The authorities seem to play this littlw game akin to hanging a sword over peoples heads and it drops when you piss off the system or become useless as an asset and useful as a diversion or to make an example of to keep others in line.

They know whos doing what and they know full well whos innocent and whos guilty.

If you play along your nasty habits are tolerated.

This is part of the cover story potential for all operations. Things much worse than whats smattered all over the news.

Imagine headlines like "McDonalds gets indicted for complicity and perpetration of war crimes domestically and abroad under international law" or Walmart for the horrors they've partaken in via psy ops activity.

"Target took part in MK Ultra continued unethical human experimentation".

I suspect the same happened with Michael Jackson. People knew damn well his father created a monster all those years he pimped him out to pervert music industry people and others. People knew about his sickness. They waited until he made the wrong moves ans threatened the established system in place as well as bucked for freedom against his keepers.

Only then did his sick behavior become exposed.

Same thing with Cosby.

The question you have to ask is 'who did this person piss off?' or did they vecome useless to those in power or more useful as diversion.

The people running things are ruthless and brutal and dont care about people. They care about getting results and they will wheel and deal whatever is useful to them at the table to win the game.

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