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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Persons connected to MK Ultra and RA practices in other countries

MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 9
Using Cults as Covers:


Anti Semitisim and racism: Norway 1999-2000:
"Norwegian neo-Nazis have met with some success in recruiting Satanists to their ranks. Satanist fanzines print ads for Nazi publications and the latter print interviews and articles of Satanists."
( I am only using this piece for the purposes of my own work such as connected to MK Ultra and related subjects. I have no opinion on racist nor anti Semitic or anti Muslim sentiment in any country outside my own. This article is provided to link Nazi sympathies with Satanism, and above with persons connected to RA, Nazi human experimentation and black ops, military psych warfare projects here in the USA.)

Does Norway Engage in International Espionage?
(Interesting about the casual mentioning of CIA poisoning leaders for assassination. But hey- 'that was another era and a whole different agency' as they now claim. I didnt realize that if other countries have 'deep operations' in Africa then how many other countries have 'deep operations' here in the USA? Just a side note.)

CIA prison-plane observed in Stavanger, Norway

Dead way before death strikes you.
In hell way before the flames eat you.
Stripped from joy, stripped from life.
Embraced by nothing... only death!/
What pleasures life may grant you.
It will be robbed from you.
What misery life brings you,
It will always stay with you./
The reaper probes the earth.
Collect's and count's the dead.
Sending us all to hell as fuel for the flames./
And as the quire roar's its tunes.
And death ride's out.
Harmony and peace
finally soothe your heart and soul./
Endless mayhem
Infernal riot.
Morbid feast
Satanic black metal in hell./
Infernal soldiers demonized.
Fucked up (???????) sodomized. (angels?)
Face of the earth dechristianized.
The universe satanized./


  1. My belief. Targets have what perps can never have, so perps try to destroy the true self of targets that are creative, smart, and with many inner gifts that they were not granted. There is nothing special about perps, so they try to bring down ones who own greater gifts. Yes they can steal the physical things us gifted ones contribute, and take credit for it, but inside they still know it is not really theirs no matter the illusion portrayed to the world. They like to push the cross that they should be bearing on us, fro instance when they know they are the sleeze, they will point the finger at us to say we are. THEY KNOW IT THOUGH, THEY KNOW WE ARE THE BETTER CREATION.

  2. http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/62902/20100916/sex-traffic.htm

    A good example of why so many go along with this. Firstly, most Americans just assume stuff like this just doesn't happen here. Secondly, the criminals involved are treated like victims, while the actual victims are punished and treated like criminals.

    You can bet that there are some high level people who use these services who are able to intimidate agencies or others who know about these crimes to look in the other direction and pretend they didn't see anything. Also, there are intelligence agents and high-level security people themselves involved with the abuse, or who benefit from these services, who plead ignorance for their own benefit.

  3. Apparently, an internal poll of CIA officers revealed that most thought that Mossad was amongst the most aggressive foreign intelligence agencies on American soil.

    In the UK, it would be no contest: the Russians are most aggressive, not simply in the scale of operations but in their willingness to kill. But Mossad is now seen as hostile, while in the US, most politicians still assume they are on America's side, which is pure wishful thinking.

    The Iranians were successful in getting several sleepers into the wave of refugees who came to the UK after 1981, and it would be amazing if they'd failed to get any into the US.