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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

peace sign on blogger tab

I have noticed this but not until now did I really note how inappropriate it is. When I see the tab for my blog its a peace symbol or sign instead of the regular "B" that is white with an orange square colored in around it. I HATE peace signs. Only kids use those or people that dont have any integrity behind wearing them- there are a percentage of people who actually care about the symbol meaning anything to them- I am not one of them. I am highly offended by a symbol being used to rep me that I did not approve of...being a survivor of RA and programming I am especially sensitive to symbolism.

In this day and age people dont want peace- 'peace' is a quaint idea. Those that do want it are Obama-bot scary liberals who agree with mind control and behavior modification in order to sacrifice some for others or they are creepy conservative right winger neocons who believe that beating the fear of god into people and damaging them good old southern slave style will straighten people out and make them conform...I mean fly right. (Yeah, conform).

The only people who dont approve of mind control are its victims and the public who are unaware of what is going on and still insist on thinking I am either a crazy (like my father of course) or some ho that got outed and either way it doesnt matter becuz, hey, I've been discredited and that means in the way these people play thier games I have lost already. Political gamers and dirty tricks people actually believe this sh*t about the world. That everyone thinks like them. That the truth has no value unless its marketed right.

I want that peace sign gone...PLEASE tell me how to get rid of it as I cant contact blogger directly.


  1. Yeah, I've noticed that the perps have made sure I'm exposed to symbolism and subliminal harassment/programming every f&&&ing place I look or go to. I can never get away from it, ever. And yes, it is damaging, because a lot of stuff that is supposed to be happenstance or random has some symbolic or subliminal meanings. The thing that sucks is, they can carry out some pretty nasty hurtful harassment very covertly this way. A lot of the subliminals is meant to convey the perps' hatred of me, trying to portray me as something I clearly am not.

    In fact, I can never look at a photo and NOT see symbolism directed towards me as a target. I have looked at photos that predate my targeting by many years, yet, I still have this fear because I have been programmed and sensitized to see subliminals in them. I look at old photos, and I can "interpret" and "see" harassing information conveyed to me that isn't there. It's just because after years of this sh&t, I really can't help being triggered by harmless non-triggers.

  2. The CND symbol, supposedly based on the semaphore flag positions for C-N-D, is actually one of the Nazi "Runes" invented for Himmler's new pagan religion: it's the ancient German tree of life symbol turned upside-down to symbolise death.

    It was used as a shoulder badge by one of the most notorious SS divisions, responsible for many punitive massacres of civilians in occupied Europe. It was proposed as the CND symbol by one of the founder members, Bertrand Russell, who, as an intelligence officer during WW2, had investigated the Death's Head division of the SS and all that it did.

    CND still denies that it has been waving a Nazi death symbol around for sixty years, but some of those who knew Bertrand Russell personally are sure that he did it on purpose, but are unsure whether it had some deep meaning or was just a very nasty joke.

    You can see why intelligence bosses like Airey Neave and Peter Wright were convinced that those behind the campaign for nuclear disarmament had sinister motives: that was the badge worn by the men who'd executed hundreds of French civilians for allegedly harbouring their agents...