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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black and Red Finally Solved: Anarchists/Socialism

I had noticed that Black and Red were becoming prevalent in the USA at an alarming rate. I noted it in photos of supporter of Obama, photos OF Obama and his family as well as celebrities from around the world.

To say there is something to this is to get called paranoid which no TI needs. I am not the only one who has seen this and is alarmed by it becoming an epidemic of black and red. On television tv personalities wear this color as well as its slipped into clothing choices of tv characters as well as can be seen on actors in still ads out in public spaces.

I seemed connected to the Obamabots and if you thought so too you were right:

Here is its place in Anarchist symbolism:http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:hzDH6Fir874J:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchist_symbolism+anarchy+black+and+red&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Here is an example of seeing it in use in ads or identified out in public space or attached to a business:http://redandblackcafe.com/

The danger of this is that many of us have been heavily targeted during Bush and then it only became tolerable during Obama but has not ceased. Many of us sensed that we distrust Obama and he is continuing on the plans of Bush somehow.

TI's are people who are often very dangerous to the agenda. We often see that groups that claim opposition are often in on a grand plan with each other.

Many of us noted being targeted in a way that seemed to be solely to get Obama elected. There seemed to be a celebration of him being in office by the very people who were part of our gang stalking campiagns. In my experience during Bush the same people in on the heavy targeting were years later supporting Obama in what seemed like nothing less than a conspiracy.

So the question is this: if Obama's supporters are supposedly against Bush supporters or that party then why would they be involved in a sustained effort during both administrations?

Becuz what they are really supporting is the next move to an NWO. The only link that Obama and Bush as well as other supposedly rival party members share is the constant reference to a New World Order.

The reason TI's are targeted through all administrations as well as excluded from basicically taking part in the world or society at large is becuz we are often the kind of people who see right through this plan for world wide enslavement. We can plainly see that it makes no sense if opposing parties seem to be in on the same effort. The most that our opposition can do is call us paranoid or discredit us before we understand what the larger plans are, which they have done to many of us.

Its becuz people like myself do not want a NWO. We still believe in personal freedom and liberties. Also, we unlike most of the population who is being brainwashed (by such tactics as color symbolism etc) we have experienced first hand the abuses of the system. Many of us have been tortured through covert warfare in ways similar to what is used at Gitmo. Attempts on our lives were even made. Many of us are still wondering what its all about. If you are a survivor of programming or RA or some scandal involving organized crime then you can see from testimonies of other targets this is par the course for not suicidal or taking on a label to please the system with official discreditation.
But then you are also very familiar with the usual suspects: various intelligence agencies or the dreaded triad: CIA/Mossad/MI6, the military, or any of the above along with organized crime and what seems like union playing along such as cops, firemen, ambulance, city workers and contracted out to street gang organized crime such as Bloods etc.

If you even mention CIA, US govt or the military you are immediately ignored and considered either mentally ill and paranoid/delusional or attention seeking. The problem with this is that there is reason to suspect these factions due to MK Ultra involvement, progress in technologies for war/psy ops, psych warfare/and the historical track record of illegal human experimentation. If you read up on the way the intelligence agencies run thier games you will see that not only does it strongly resemble spy craft but the brutality of these agencies in the works especially Mossad, reminds TI's of the uncaring, sadistic, cold brutal way in which organized stalking perpetrators seem to target us all. The things I have seen could only be pulled off by a group that has a huge amount of resources as well as total access to anything they need. They are above the law whoever they are. Also such an outfit could have access to the intelligence gathered and psychological profiling that could allow the perpetrators to target each one of us so effieciently. The very fact that these people know things about us they should not, and we have seen this first hand during Bush, shows that they have special access that most law enforcement would not have. They also seem to have carte blanche in going after a human being that is targeted with no regard for human rights or civil rights. Money and ultimate power to pull of psychological operations that are so brutal over the years it destroys the human beings targeted by such ops.

Police and others seem to be in on it for either personal reasons, to avoid exposure of thier local crime operations or personal illegal activities but there are many people who seem in on it due to the fact that its such a powerful organization above them that they do not dare interfere as well as say no to anything they need or want to get the job done.
People of the USA are genuinely afraid of whoever is behind organized stalking and harassment. As we have seen, with very good reason.

The reason we stay targeted for life is that once one is exposed to this reality they must be silenced forever I assume, becuz now we see the full picture of how the country, if not the world is run. That covert activity is what truly shapes much of the reality humans live in.

Knowing this one can see how suspect it is that one adminstration seemed to only provide the trauma and breakdown needed to get an entire population to become disillusioned and want to embrace a system like Anarcho-communist socialism or whatever it is. Its a cult which Obama heavliy relied on the get fans and elected. This is why you may find yourself siding with or wishing for Republican rule again...its the most sensible reaction actually.

There is something more 'honest' about Conservative Republican DIShonesty. Something more truthful about the way they disdain thier enemies and play dirty tricks to gain advantage. This is at least somewhat warfare we are used to- Obama and whatever these black and reds are, have brought a new level of childishness and insanity to the USA and its people.

If you wear black and red realize its not just a trend. It is meant to brainwash an entire nation out of thier freedoms and its a step in the NWO forming into a reality.

There is some confusing for those of us with Ritual Abuse histories. I will do a piece on that on my other blog where such material is more appropriate. The short version is that black and red are traditionally Luciferian colors. Which is makes the more overt association with Anarcho Socialism even more suspect, as one world religion based on a Luciferian system is what many researchers have found is a suspected plan for a one world religion within the NWO.

As survior of RA both Luciferian and Satanic I can tell you that without excersising the human Will, without individuality- especially the Luciferian systems, this is an untrue representation of this kind of system.

I have also experieced what many others have which is what seems like the destruction of individuality as well as personal excellence as part of the activities of whatever cult is linked to black and red.

That is NOT Luciferian. Personal excellence is Luciferian if not perfection reached as an ideal. Nothing less is acceptable. In many survivors programming death is the cost of losing one's standards for total perfection.
So for this cult or movement to be destroying personal excellence, talent, specialness or trying to impose other communist-like equalities on Americans, especially via covert warfare or psy ops is very VERY suspect.

It could be that the Luciferian aspect or a Satanic one comes in with the public being deceived or enslaved due to all these activities.

It seems that neither side is safe for anyone desiring to stop the insanity that has taken hold of the USA if not the whole western world.
The republicans that were in during Bush as far as being targeted they allowed the system to be especially cruel. Now it seems that during Obama whatever this movement is to a world wide movement has taken off and those of us who would probably have had anything to say about it or interfered- the attitude is that we are safely out of the way and need to stay there.

Another note on black and red- I know that this blog uses those colors but its due probably to RA and me associating with those colors naturally or unconsciously and has NOTHING to do with supporting Anarcho Socialism.

I support nothing that makes its way into society using psychological operations as well as the use of technologies that are supposed to be used only overseas in psy ops. These technologies deny mankind the ability to reason and think for himself. They deny man his ability to excersise his Will.

Also one must wonder how good of an idea any of these plans are if they have to utilize the most deceptive methods available to gain momentum for thier agenda. Why hypnotize, manipulate, brainwash, use trauma based mind control systems and hide your activities if its all such a great idea and a great system.

Seeing the whole picture it seems more deceptive than anything else. For those of us who are RA survivors or some experience with Luciferian systems, we know that deception is an art form and those people prefer deceptions over truth to begin with. Many of these types of people find it enjoyable and charming to exist in such a world without hard truth and reality. They never have to truly grow up, never have to take real responsibility for thier actions. In many cases such people consider staying within the confines of such a Dizzniland to be the only way to exist or save face for thier actions.
When you are an artist this may be acceptable. When you are in office and being responsible for people's lives as well as supposedly representing thier interests cult mind control as well as such all inclusive deceptions have no place in such realities. We are not children and this is not Dizzniland. And many of us find it ultimately distasteful to live not only in dreamworld, but most of all a dream world not of our own creation but of someone else's.

By demanding inclusiveness and people not being on thier own to think for themselves (disconnection=danger) it denies each human being their own place of imagination and exploring thier own godlikeness or godspark. It then leads each person snagged in the cult's net one alternative: to live in the imaginary dream world formulated by others, joined by others, dictated to by those that serve that agenda.

Also look at Shepard Fairy's work. I knew I didnt like what I saw but now I fully know why. Note the communist symbols and black and red are often used.

It was a brilliant take over plan of the USA and all western culture. By putting together elements that traditionally are in conflict, many will not figure it out. Communist images with a capitalist spin? Dont get it. Its not communism so what is it? Well now people like me know a little too late, but at least it really nails people like Fairy who supported Obama so vehemently.

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