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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MK Ultra testimony vid from Pres Advisory Committee..WTF?

I never really watched this before. Thoroughly. I sort of skimmed over it.

Took a good look at it. I realize now that yer not gonna get much justice if the panel or committee is frickin programmed as well. Its a joke. And to think my mother was intimidated out of going to this thing. And to ask the therapist to be ready in one week is so obviously bullshit.

It doesnt at all look like a real courtroom. This should have been tried in a military tribunal or something similar. At least a real court room. What is this b*llshit? Its so Mikky Mowse.

And no one seems to be asking the right questions about this including myself til now. How many handlers were in that room, or agents?

Look at the committee as the camera goes around the room. Guilty as all hell. I dont see Congress or Senate looking like that in session on C-Span. Why? Becuz they are a legit government body as well as any corruption or deals they have going on they hide alot better than this bullshit, like pros.

Which leads me to believe that this whole committee resembles the gang stalking that these victims have gone through for years. Its either 'we dont want to deal with you' or 'we all know this is bs so lets get it over with'. Why do they all look so f*cked up if that is NOT the case? Judges and lawyers dont look like that. They look like they are attending a damn funeral, which of course is part of psychological warfare.

If you know anything about programming look at thier eyes. I am talking about the committee not the obvious victims. Give me a break.

Look at 00:38. The therapist Valerie brushes her finger across her cheek slightly. Watch the man behind her to her left. It seems he is alternating between looking at the cameraman and the victim testifying on Valerie's left. By 00:45 you can see that he has done the same gesture but quickly with out any other hand movements, and in doing this he has looked at the victim, back to Valerie, then back to the victim on her left. Either that or the camera as well.

This could be all just nerves as well as one must remember that the internet was still in beginning stages as far as being mainstream as well as cameras everywhere in public spaces was not everywhere and reality shows were not around yet. The general public were not used to being 'on' as they are now. Humans in this society now act very differently compared to what I recall over the years. There is a greater sense of being watched and of having a less expressive body language. People are very unatural now and the young kids today are almost expressionless in thier movements in passing daily. In the old days people on TV would make mistakes constantly and it was simply a reflection of reality. But TV has taken on a creepy perfection to what you see as if there is a zero tolerance for mistakes. Human beings see this over a few decades and are conditioned to reflect that same fear of acting naturally.

But then again being targeted for so long I would not doubt that there could be something to this. I would have to have seen video tracking his movements from the time he became obvious in harassing someone then watching him for the duration to see if it formed a pattern of behavior.
The room is obviously full of intimidation, doubt and bs. Its obvious and I wish I had viewed these before more carefully. It doesn't solve anything but what is good about it even if its a farce is the exposure it provides. That is what is needed, as well as the validation of MK Ultra actually existing, as people still try to make it the stuff of conspiracy theory.

I still cant believe that something of this magnitude went down in a some empty room somewhere with catering tables. Its outrageous. And the committee not having the proper paperwork due to only giving them a week to prepare. WTF?

People were still as a nation very naive back then. It was the time of Gen X starting to come up strong and we thought we were going to perfect and solidify some parts of our parents dream to change the world- but with a more sensible approach and the transition to technology being part of our lives. The people from the 60's are present in much of this and you can tell that they still believed that corruption was welcome to be exposed and fixed. Only after the mid to late 90's did things begin to happen that gave signal to a change in the country that was NOT good, but only when Bush got in did it become obvious that we were f*cked. Only slightly screwed, then as we tried to get rid of this obvious cheat in election, the towers were hit and the curtain just fell on the USA. It was over. And nothing has ever been the same again.

Strangely it seems all related somehow. I think this is why survivors still fight on. Not only due to being targeted still but there is something that they discovered from that extension of Nazi experiments that is obviously in use now somehow on the masses, if not in the way science is going and definitely psychiatry/big pharma. Its not just mind control or programming. Its the ability to alter time itself by altering events through covert influence and beyond. This is the reason why many sensible, alert, sensitive, thinking people have this feeling that we are living in an UNreality. I have heard different people describe it to me as "an UNreality", "an alternate reality", "a parellel universe". There is something to that.

Its mainly the way that things are handled now. Systematic ignoring and apathy give corruption the ability to exist without anyone ever having to be responsible or pay consequences. People have been conditioned to either not care or to understand how competitive the global world is so we must win at any cost with any amount of expendables or causalities.

This allows corruption to become an obvious part of life and the business of living. This has to be done in the minds of higher ups as now that the public have access to the truth about the way thier world is run they would no doubt want it fixed or made right which is unrealistic. What you didnt know didnt hurt you before. Now you know but they have engineered it so it still doesnt hurt you- becuz you have been rendered insensitive. Sensitivity is for losers and would allow terrorists to take over our country. We must be tough- which is the whole lesson of what they have done to the US and other coddled countries since Bush got in. Terrorists and now the economy. You're being conditioned to live harsh realities. Like sending the entire nation to boot camp behavior modification program to 'toughen up' America, so that we wont be spoiled or coddled anymore and can live our lives right! But of course thier motives are like most parents- they dont want anyone knowing about how f*cked up the family is or having to take responsibility for thier crimes against us as well as thier gross abuses of power.

Just like rich kids being sent off the a behavior mod camp. Tell them its thier fault that daddy molested them enough while beating them down and all the hurt and anger will be drained out of them so instead of healing for real or gaining justice for themselves by exposing perpetrators, the family unit is strong and bonded again.

Its called getting yer way by indimidation. This is not the f*ckin military and thats exactly what the American public are being treated to. Straighten up and toughen up! If you want to continue to be lied to and abused then told you need to toughen up cuz globally everyone is cut throat and America is no longer a safe place within its borders then you can accept slavery.

The point is that when Obama says that 'America is a country with HER best years behind HER'we all know it did NOT have to be that way. Its obviously been a long hard road to getting the public to not give a sh*t about anything.

And I notice that living high on the hog has not changed at all in fact an 80's sort of excess is back in style. Hmmm how did that happen?

F*cking picnic tables. YER DEALING WITH THE EXTENSION OF NAZI HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION. I NOTICE THEY NEVER SPARED ANY EXPENSE ON FURNISHINGS. Geesh. Very anti Wagnerian wouldnt you say? Very un-epic. Understated is not the right term..lets see. Ah yes 'cheap' comes to mind.
Which is the whole point. PLAY IT DOWN.

This is what makes the public who do know about this have the attitude that survivors are either dangerous or lost causes. Look how messed up they are from what they have been through as children as well as being gang stalked for life.

And this is what gives the cult sickos connected to this the idea that when one such victim dies in 'heals the whole world'. Like a scape goat the poor thing takes all their sins with them.

Stop these idiots before they take over the whole entire world of the NWO. Carve some space out for the rest of us who are NOT sadistic, selfish, cult minded a-holes.
And if they wont then we have to carve it out ourselves.
Let this resistance never end.

Becuz as long as they can keep all of us subdued, then when the last aging survivor dies they get to close the book on this..ALL of it. Make them pay for the scientific results they gained from suffering.And not be paying people off either.


Anonymous said...

MK Ultra has never died -- it just went underground, and has a whole bunch of deniers and handlers now. It's one huge cult where everyone is on the same wavelength. Except is. We resisted, and now the handlers and the sickos are roaming the earth, and patrolling it.

It reminds me of a passage in the Bible, where Satan is asked "where have you been", to which he replies, "roaming the Earth and patrolling it". So true. There must've been a world-connected cult back in the ancient biblical times, too, but the "World" must've been much smaller, i.e., one part of a country.

I believe it is in the Book of Job, where God gives the Evil One permission to strike him down with all kinds of adversities, as a "test" of his faithfulness to God.

Anonymous said...

The undertone I'm getting is that they think it's funny, like it's a joke. Face it: this sh*t is still ongoing, just everyone is in denial about it, and it's fucking huger than ever.