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Friday, September 17, 2010

Harassment by fire dept again

In tent its raining. My roadog left for a little while. They showed up with sirens right outside squat. Then they put on this act that it was at the boat house instead was thier true destination. It was so obviously bullshit. And due to their presence being disruptive to me becuz for years they were part of overt harassment in this city and others, I screwed up a post I was working on. So they got thier job done I guess.

But in as many battles as they win they will never win the war. You will not protect the local elements that need to be exposed. You can show up on bullshit calls and have planes fly low overhead all you want or helicopters or whatever. You cannot stop what has been started. YOU messed with TI's across the country during Bush like you had it like that for life. People are not being scared into compliance anymore and cowboy attitutdes are no longer popular. People are starting to see you and your other union buddies as agents for oppression from the state and organized crime. The public are now becoming hip to the corruption that every criminal and cop knows exists. You went to far during Bush and there will be payment due at some point.

The destruction of my life and wasting of my time for years on end will NOT be in vain. Fuck you and fuck the system.

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