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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Anonymous said...

But those people aren't better than you. They may know and get off on it, but who are they? My perps acknowledge that they could never do what I do, like walk for hours at a time, while being targeted and beat down everywhere at once. And all they can do is manage a puny little harassment skit, like synchronization tactics. They aren't the real deal. They are inferior people --- bums -- getting a little short-term pleasure from their puny little skits.

Yeah, the system is powerful, but those people involved aren't really getting anywhere, either, besides watching us get bullied and beat up by... what do you know, bums and weaklings portraying us like so and pointing the finger at us.

What a life. They are the living dead getting a shot in the arm by harassing targets. Fuck them. And the people running this? Well, they aren't getting anywhere, either. Are they?

Anonymous said...

I was getting followed down the street on my walk by a bunch of belligerent, loudmouth kids. Then, they were parked on a wall, doing the "WoooooooO!!!" thing, mixing in some insults. I saw some overconfident, smirking kids, to match the imbecile immature adults I come across. They were probably doing harassment. If they weren't, I didn't care, because as a target, you learn to block these horrors out. You can block some of it, but it still gets through, somewhat.

I often wonder if these dimwits understand they are being brainwashed and being monitored by certain observation factions. If so, they can have these perps monitored and harassed, too.

After a while, the State Police came rolling by, and the beligerent kids all scattered. I'm thinking that maybe the observers passed a message to the police. It was brutal. I had these weirdo, hippie dad types saying stuff like "hippie" loud enough for me to hear it. Interesting how hypocritical these idiots are. I just tell myself, "5 million years for hominids to develop the ability to articulate speech accurately, and this is what we wind up with. A bunch of freaks and idiots articulating nonsense and lies". Loonies.