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Friday, September 10, 2010

Targeted Individuals: Community Notifications

Within minutes of posting last piece like around 7:32 pm or so, all of the nonsense that was occuring just stopped, just like that.
I found this page. I now am moreso understanding the full implications of how a cover story can be conconcted and pulled off. The only thing that I dont agree with is that Targets are innocent people. You could be a person of not so exemplary character according to society but by the same standards, being put on such a list is either not warranted or has nothing to do with why you are put on such a list to begin with- the statement about 'people with ulterior motives like revenge' being an example of what I mean.

This also would explain alot about just why I heard alot of statements or allusions to my 'being dangerous. Also it explains why a stranger knowing my situation told me that I could survive this by "being nice".

It also doesnt seem to state boldly that other "ulterior motives" could be to cloak unethical human experimentation as well as getting rid of victim witnesses and even covering for survivors of high level programming who are 'expendables'. It does mention whistle blowers which seems to be the case. If you are a human experimentee and are going testify against part of the govt then that is by definition a whistle blower. All survivors of programming would also be considered whistle blowers if they wanted to tell a therapist especially if there was a connection to such a project like MK Ultra via a family member.

This would also explain why so many people continue to believe that what is happening to the TI is justified.

What they need to understand is that people who are put on such lists are perhaps in the condition they are in due to the true motives for them being put on such lists to begin with. In other words some other faction of the corrupt system makes them stress cases to begin with then when they are in a perfectly natural state due to these circumstances, they get focused on by this system and deemed out of control or dangerous etc.

I still cannot believe that such a system exists. Do people not realize how much risk for abuse of power this leads to? Anyone with special interest could manipulate this system totally to thier own advantage. But it does fit in very well with the way power manipulates situations: create a problem, solve a problem. Which makes this theory very feasible.

Whats interesting is that many of the people involved who seem to be dealing with the Target under such pretenses are also obviously working to aggravate the Target with interactions. Many people who seem warned about a coming interaction with a 'dangerous person' like the TI is framed up as also seem to be fully into the action of harassing said person or being part of a psychological warfare campaign on the person.
And many of these people also seem very aware that the person is innocent and being framed and go along anyway.
Targets often experience people using this system, if this is the way it works, to play games with the person and laugh at thier reactions, further harassing them. Security guards are notorious for this behavior.

This would explain how people who really want to harass the target further are gaining info about thier movements and whereabouts in advance. It would also explain all the presence of public servants involved.

Most people I experienced actually treated thier part in it as if it were either a joke or they knew damn well that the person was being framed. They were totally irresponsible with such information and that irresponsibility was experssed in many ways. But it also seemed that many of the participants knew it was a bullshit system that was really being used to target people who someone wanted destroyed. This was the most obvious part of what I personally experienced.

To have a system where the target does not know they are on such a list is so obviously discrimination.

This also explains why my psychiatrist, who for years only was present in my life to deal with anxiety/depression and panic attacks who never documented treating me for anything else, decided to turn on me to the frame up part of the system by writing that ridiculous letter that maps out basically an equation that = me becoming a lone shooter or going postal. But that is specifically what it maps out and that would be seen only by someone else in the sciences. I now see that in a more simplified manner, to the lay person on THIS level of the program, it made me fit into the criteria for a person deemed necessary to be monitored in such a way. Statements like 'trouble with motivation' are tell tale. This statement always struck me as odd as I am a very determined and tenacious person- motivation was never an issue for me. But she wasnt refering to literal events or circumstances, she was putting into the letter what had to be said to get me on the list I assume.

I read the letter to someone involved in a gang stalking forum who was one of those people that you knew was in on the covert end somehow but you couldnt tell if they were all for you or against you. She was so affected by the letter- her reaction was fear and you could hear it when she replied "Yes, Rachael that is a very mean letter". I have had people who seem to be in on it on the level of perpetrator who are the ones that give me the most needed information. But yet they to will torture you which never made any sense. I think I understand now that under such a system they may only be able to help by leaking small amounts of info to us in a manner that will break through programming and cult mind control which is what gang stalking is.

If it were not for such perps I would be dead right now. Its very hard to say who does what to whom. There was a period of time where the harassment was very overt as in there was a faction that was not just monitoring someone like me but they were obvously in groups or gangs that performed harassment outright by attacking a target in a planned assault. To counter this there were often other covert factions that interferred or guarded me through these circumstances. This is what is so confusing to the target. The different levels of covert players.

For instance I may now have more race issues especially with males after being terrorized for years but they are the results of just that-terror becuz I definately remember that there were also race specific individuals involved that seemed to counter the people dont harassment.

But over the years the memories keep repeating themselves and just wear down your mind. Eventually this is what kills you, very very akin to what kills soldiers returning from war, as has been in the media over last few years. The terror involved in those memories keeps the person captive until it just destroys them.

I believe that at the highest levels whoever engineers these things knows the way a programmed person's mind works and that the recalling trauma that was already present can be used to kill the person by making so many new traumatic memories it just overloads the human mind and kills them.

What is so hard to take about such a system being present is that like I mentioned most people seemed to know it was a scam or that it was being abused. They took a total disregard to the person, they knew that real life happens and that such a system is obviously so rigid that its not to be respected anyway. What is ironic about this is that I was the one encountering dangerous, sick people and instead of ME being warned of what I was about to deal with they were getting a heads up first.

Also now I see why its important to keep up some harassment for maintenance- to continue to make the person seem out of line with societal norms. Due to my individuality and strength of self saving my life by rebelling against a corrupt society in these war games I have lived through, that very same quality is used to get me to have daily outbursts (if they can get it out of me) to keep up the appearance that its coming from me and not I am being antagonized.

Create problem, solve problem. Brilliant system- all you have to do is have a covert faction play games with the person to get them pissed off or to act out or appear depressed etc push thier buttons really and then whoever is monitoring them for being dangerous have plent to document or validate their being watched to begin with. Any claims by the target that they are being set up via a covert system of psych warfare to begin with is met with further validationt that the person is mentally ill and needs to be watched.

I never really saw it before- its so simple, so classic but due to the mechanics being so complicated it didnt seem that way before.

Once again my mother being a documented radiation survivor and me having dirt on people may just be enough to show some cause that its not just due to me being nuts to begin with.

MOST PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY KNOW THIS TO BE THE CASE. And what is so surpirsing is how many cops and community watch types know that its a set up and the way they act is like they know its a crime against the person but they do it anyway. What could motivate people to do such things? Its like alot of people know that the root cause for this system to exist is greed and power and the way they are actors for this system exhibits that directly.

To think that there are people who perform outright harassment that is obviously not part of the monitoring to make the target 'dangerous' to begin with but then the monitoring part of the system takes itself as seriously legit is ridiculous.

Also one has to understand that without the TI being given notification they start to think and behave just as the harassment arm or psychological warfare end of this treats them. What the monitoring arm of this system observes is the results of that mistreatment and brainwashing. Without the TI undestanding what is going on its very easy for the puppet masters to have full control of not only the TI but the people involved in monitoring a supposedly dangerous person- manipulating the whole situation.
And you also need to take into account what is the state of mind of an already tortured person from either programming or some other abuse.

This may just be societies human garbage disposal. When they are done with you and it is percieved that you will be a major financial or other burden to the system especially as a whistle blower, this system handles the problem of disposal. Everyone knows thats what it is but they just go along anyway. The perception of the person as permanently marginalized is what makes it valid- makes it work in so many people's perception.


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation. A TI gets harassed, then we've got "wannaabe cops" out "patrolling" the neighborhoods. It's like a real-life game where people are playing cops and robbers, but the "bad guy" is actually someone innocent. Yet, there is a feel of power and a sense of fun in playing these games.

I agree, a lot of this is plain inexcusable. Why these people know what's going on, they know the TI is outnumbered, and know their actions are immoral and wrong, yet still go along with this: maybe they just realize it doesn't matter anyways, they see the target as so beaten down that it's fun for them to put in their own two cents and join the fun. Maybe it's an intrinsic flaw in our species, that crows have: when they get the sense someone is about to die, they need to contribute to finishing the person off. Probably just a flaw in human nature that the System exploits to its advantage. If you think about it, this plays right into natural selection, that if a species isn't fit to survive, it should die off. Well, I believe that our species is flawed and should die off, but our species is simply helping itself expedite the processes.

Remember those movies about invading Martians, who look down upon our species ("Earthlings") with disdain, shaking their heads and asking themselves why they chose to destroy each other? And maybe they've been sent here to help our species survive.

It's amazing how Man has evolved, yet in the process, evolved into hateful greedy killers who only care about their "part" and could give a sh*t less about anyone else. It's like we'd be better off as the chimplike pre-humans who couldn't even talk. After they get rid of all the smart people with integrity, and have nothing left but cowardly weaklings with advanced warning who are out for theirs and screw the rest, how will society sustain itself?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about the whole New World Order "prototype" deal the past 3 years. It' been obvious to me that one goal is to get everyone all numbed and politically correct, to take the fight out of the population, to take away their normal survival instincts. For example, make people not happy, not sad, but keep them emotionally flat-lined. Well, there still are the usual bullshit incidents, like road-rage, etc., that are unrelated to gangstalking. So the gangstalking and world-enslavement really has done nothing to solve the present day world-problems of normal anger and flying off the handle incidents you see. There still are the petty theft crimes, what have you, that are going in IN ADDITION to this whole making the world population numb emotionally. So really the NWO just added yet another problem to society instead of solving society's problems. I'm sure the engineers of this system would like us to believe that it would solve all the problems with human nature I mentioned. Instead of solving the problems, it merely exacerbates them, and adds yet another problem into the mix.

Anonymous said...

Over in the UK (Britian mostly) "Common Purpose" is the MAIN GANG within the govt. offices. They are using their power to take children from good homes and give them to pedophiles. This is NOT a conspiracy. Google "Brian Garrish Common Purpose" and watch his videos about the subject THEY ARE CHILLING. The US is bad but frankly, Britian is the scariest place on earth to live.