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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Roots of New World Order Zionism: The Khazarian Conspiracy// Bonding you to 'the state'

Its an interesting series, all be it a bit sensational.

What you have to understand is that there is an answer as to why that man did not resign from his post at MI6. Its all very simple as to why any of these people play along in this.
They either believe it is right and necessary for the future of humanity as they would like to see it go or they themselves are under constant threat. Thier families, careers thier very lives. That man would rather have a camera in his face or suffer some other embarrassment than what higher ups have planned for him if he doesn't comply.

I doubt if any of what we do is going to be able to stop exceedingly rich mad men. But we have to do it anyway. Some of us are programmed as the opposition is so giving in is not an option. Both sides tethered to thier viewpoint, taking action in this showdown.

Its tiring isnt it? Whats the point really? But even if we lose its better than going out with no fight at all.
And by the way if prevention was used this cure for humanities ills wouldnt have to be used. Every person or child may be precious but if people made better choices or were encouraged to live more carefully then not every child would be born so overpopulation wouldnt be a problem.

And as for the excuse that smart people consume more that is ridiculous. If you changed the value system of westerners you would be able to curb people's consuming habits. I personally know responsible consumers who are highly educated so this is all excuses for--guess. A system that has purposefully created consumers to begin with for profit now wants to blame those creations for enviromental disaster. The whole thing is ridiculous.

If only people were directed to start a long time ago to live differently or forced to then there wouldnt have to be this problem. They created it so now they want to fix it. Why did they not really educate the public on having too many children, over consumption etc? They want the money that is all. And I am sure that making money has alot to do with whatever they are doing next.
And its not just Zionists- there are all kinds of people in on this.

I dont know if I trust Farrakhan but if he is for real, not just playing to the crowd then secretly going back to the oppressor with support- then at least its understandable now why there is pressure on race relations. So that we cant bond together and take on the power structure. Makes sense

So everyone is out for themselves.

I dont know if I believe Aaron Russo. What proof does he have of all that being said?

And its a bit much blaming all Jews. I have seen first hand that Jews are often, like everyone else, unkind to other Jews or exclude them. I think we are talking about a very selective group and its obvious that leads to other select groups among powerful people who want this put into action.

But not all powerful people are in on this...or myself and other dissenters would not be alive to blog and do activism as we are today.

I wish the New World Order was something good. That it could promise something of a better world. Existence under mind control is just not worth a peaceful existence. Its not living. And if the use of mass mind control through technologies is the endgame then its not-good. There is no life without the Will.

Farrakhan. I don't trust preachers no matter what they are saying. They always look like con men.

There are very telling bits to this vid and some of it is revealing and useful. But my gut reaction and what my head tells me is that its somehow disinformation based. And something tells me not to use it or get involved in this manner.

If you want people to not die from starvation then stop overpopulating. Stop feeding people until they understand that there is zero tolerance for too many births. Make it a law. Dont allow Christian groups who wont demand birth control in exchange for food and medicine to go near third world countries. Why isnt there prevention instead of cure?

I DO believe in much of the outcome based education theories as well as stealing a generation of kkids and the dumbing down on purpose. One can see it clearly even now. Many TI's have even experienced a process in thier behavior modification that attempts to bond them to 'the state' and its authority figures (such as police). This has actually happened to TI's as individuals so it makes sense that it might happen to large groups of people as well-but it need not be done by force as there is no resistance there yet among the young and teachable.

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