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Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is so interesting about me posting much of what I have discovered about this system is that what I post to assist other TI's or whoever is interested can actually get me discredited if not have my sanity questioned.

Also I forgot to write that I suppose that the hot dog guy could be like FBI or fed or something which means that they have totally gone to sh*t and the need to get some better help. Well not if the result they want is confession becuz messing with someone all the time may get just that. If I ever find out that these fuckers are not mob guys, where i expect some stupidity, but they are the feds or FBI who Americans not percieve as some kind of sophisticated person or royalty due to those shows beefing thier image I will be so much more pissed off .

Either way it doesnt matter- torture of this kind is not acceptable no matter what excuse you use and my mother being a survivor of radiation experiements as well as being intimidated out of going for justice for herself then makes any govt faction capable of such actions that much more suspect. I dont care if it is a bunch of different factions, all of which are supposed to be on different sides. They are ALL guilty of torture, which is being done covertly which means its not being documented to be regulated and if it IS being documented then I will sue the living shit out of you when I get my hands on that or if I am not allowed to get my hands on it. Exposure is always a good revenge in the end- it shows that the system broke down to such an extent that the citizens who were victims couldnt rely on thier own justice system to do what its set up to do.

Which means that the country is totally f*cked, but its being kept from its citizens.

This isnt the 60's anymore. People who are perceived as not being able to fight back can now do so if the truth is discovered.

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