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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Anonymous said...

Besides 1995 and 2003, there are other years that strike me as having a strange "vibe" to them. The 70's, for example, 1975 to 1980 seem when I was experienced all kinds of weird goings-on, like people pumping me with questions, etc., other harassment. During Nixon's years, the music scene was dominating by all kinds of excessively mellowed "AM Radio" hits, like Rock the Boat. I remember as a little kid, there was something I hated about that song. There were other songs like it, and it was just like non-stop on every station you listened to. Very sickening stuff, IMO. And it was hugely popular. Probably part of the powers that be again, trying to get everybody all mellowed out during the last part of the Nixon years. I'll bet crap like that AM Radio sh*t got promoted by the Powers That Be to get the public lulled into a sleep so they could be open to hypnotic suggestion.. Fucking I really hated Rock the Boat as a kid.

After Nixon, the freaky years started, and that's when the disco movement was starting to take root. Freaks, drugs, prostitutes, pimps, you name it. All kinds of corruption from 1975 to 1980. The popular look was the high tube socks, afros, models looked like they were dying, they were so damned skinny. The crackhead look was in. There was something weird about 1975-1980, like I could sense a lot of turmoil on the cultural landscape at the time. I was just a kid, but I had seen evidence of me getting targeted during those years.

Check it out:

LOL, because when I listen to this now, it actually sounds great compared to the sh*t they put on the Musical Market now.

Anonymous said...

This is the product of our present society:

Idiots shining lasers into cockpits for sh*ts and giggles. Not smart enough, apparently, to realize what dangers they cause with their actions. Or their decision centers of their brains have become so numbed, that the need for stimulation by committing the aforementioned dangerous acts, that they simply see nothing wrong by their actions. We must all commit shameless acts of stupidity and injure one person with the rest of the dumbed down society who feels the same way.

I can't believe the things perps dream up. A witless, uncaring society that thinks they can all gang up on one person with their lack of thinking. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

I would just keep going, fuck it. I have seen a lot of these jokes they throw my way. It's most certainly your choice, though. I know their rationale is complete horseshit, though, e.g. we're tougher than most, so we should handle it, etc. One aspect of this deal, I've noticed, is that they throw harassment and psyops my way all the f*cking time. When I examine them, I can't believe my eyes, that those fuckers actually had the audacity to provoke me in their most cowardly fashion (as usual). Each psy-op was an unprovoked attack, as usual. But, when I look again, it looks like it may have not been as bad as it could have been. So I've gotten into this state where I'd be like, "whew, they're taking it easy on me today". I was that way back in '06 when they heightened the harassment. I would hope they would take it easy on me. They had these rollercoaster moments where they would pound hard, then ease up, then take it up and down. I learned to "accept" the prison. That's one of their goals, apparently, is to say we're so tough, so that way we get used to living like this.

And this prison is a joke too, it's a product of sick, weak, cowardly minds. That's all I see. Products of some sick motherfuckers' warped sadistic minds. That's what my prison consists of. That's what keeps me going. I just tell myself, these are the same losers shining lasers into cockpits of helicopters trying to save someone's life. Pretty obvious they've managed to spawn their little sadistic hate viruses into a weak populace's minds. That right there is proof.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten a response from the Powers That Be(tm), the almighty gods themselves. They said they see me as a threat to their little future slave empire. I was told to "Forget it kid. go back to school, get an education." A direct message from the almighty gods that plan and run this thing. I suspect a lot of these fuckers running this thing are older guys, 50-60 years of age and up. Wealthy, sadistic, ruthless; they are determined to get their way. Either that, or it's a serious social disease out of control. And it sure as hell can't be the latter, because a lot of these perps seem like weak-minded controlled numbnuts idiots. So of course, some Big Power is driving their actions and pulling their strings. These perps on the streets are such a joke. This system wants very easy to control FOOLS with NO IMAGINATION, WHO will do whatever they're instructed to do. And that is why they come after us: because we ARE imaginative. We are highly artistic, creative-minded individuals. And what does this mean? We can't be controlled. So this Big Shot system has to get rid of us, which means we are to die outright, or live like zombies.