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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wallet Paranoia tactic/ targets are intimated as pick pockets

The latest tactic is perps grabbing their wallets in their back or front pockets while either looking at me nervously like I am scary or out of place or sitting next to them on the train or walking in front of me. Men, women both. Oddly many of these perps are either Asian or look South American/Mexican.

Today it occurred to me when I caught one of them after he pulled that tactic the last glance I caught of him walking away told me he was full of sh*t. So I began thinking logically and realized that whatever country in South America he was from had people walking around it that were way more scarier or threatening than me.

What was interesting to note on psych warfare was that it would aggravate me and I wouldnt think logically about the situation.
This is the very meaning of cult mind control. It causes a human being to not be able to think logically, it jams sensiblity.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly that is one tactic they had been using for a long time. That I'm supposed to be scary or creepy (instead of them). Or maybe I am the flaccid one with no morals, instead of them.

So interesting the things they come up with. Real stupid compliant people is what they are. They really live for aggravating us. Of course, they are really fishing for a raging reaction is what they are aiming for. I can't think of anything they do that isn't geared towards some sort of violent reaction from a target.

They really think they are being clever and smart doing things like this.