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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Destructive Trends in Mental Health: The Well-Intentioned Path to Harm"

Reviewed by A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., MBA, MPH
Psychology, psychiatry, and social work have been captured by an ultra-liberal agenda"

"Misguided political correctness tethers our intellects"

"If psychology is to soar like an eagle,
it needs both a left wing and a right wing."

"Understanding Political Correctness

The authors note that there is no empirical data on political correctness because it is "politically incorrect to question political correctness" (p. 22). They pose two questions regarding political correctness, and offer a number of hypotheses for potential testing. The questions are: "What psychological functions does political correctness fulfill for the individual?" and "What is the attraction of political correctness to certain personalities?" The hypotheses offered to understand these behavioral phenomena include:

  • Political Correctness Harbors Hostility
  • Political Correctness Reflects Narcissism
  • Political Correctness Masks Histrionics
  • Political Correctness Functions as Instant Morality
  • Political Correctness Wields Power
  • Political Correctness Serves as Distraction
  • Political Correctness Involves Intimidation
  • Political Correctness Lacks Alternatives
The empirical study of the above questions may offer valuable data on the phenomenon of political correctness. Meanwhile, the authors note how this understudied phenomenon is hostile to science by allowing the dismissal of any finding not consistent with a particular ideology or agenda: "Thus, political correctness and the postmodernism that currently pervades academic psychology go hand in hand" "

Whatever you may think of the source it has to be said.
I also don't like thier siding with the Recovered Memory theory by blaming therapists. Society never wants to deal with survivors of RA or programming who never went to therapists to 'recover' memories. A full scale gang stalking campaign as well as suicide programming should be a signal something is going on..gee ya think?

Many targeted people feel that since Bush nothing has changed. Older targets say changing administrations rarely make thier situation any better. Bush may have been the exception by making it the worst its been in recent thing that era did was to at least let us experience some overt signs that we are indeed targeted individuals.
Many TI's have felt the worst of the neoconservative administration only to now feel the worst of a very creepy and controlling liberal agenda- both seem totally full of sh*t and both seem to desire many of the same things that are present within a 'new world order'.

Mostly the use of mass mind control as well as the use of cult mind control to form a cult of the United States instead of a country full of free Willed citizens.


Anonymous said...

Here is the "proof" that Richards beat the crap out of that photographer.

Interesting, huh? Amazing how stupid some people are. It's such a farce, it's beyond funny.

I know this whole deal is nothing more than a piece of street theatre. These child molestors running these campaigns should get a real job, other than making money off of targets.

Medawar said...

Some of George Orwell's essays are interesting, because he had already formed the opinion, even as the world was confronting Hitler, that pacifism could be as bad as Nazism, precisely because the ideological need to avoid violence created a practical need to control what people thought.

May be able to find and scan the relevant essays in a couple of days.

Was about to ask Alan Myers which essay this was, but he died last month.

Medawar said...

On a related topic: