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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Sex Shop worker validates police involvement

Woke up this morning recalling a memory from last summer when I came here.

The guy that runs the local branches of sex shops called Amazing here in Boston. I recall years before I was trying to get a job and went to his shop I thought it might be interesting. I was shocked at how snooty sex shops had become..they used to be weird little places in the Combat Zone with freaks working there. It had gotten so..Yuppified. It was actually MORE creepy in this new style as if society was really ashamed of dirty, filthy sex or content- things that the northeast used to embrace as the natural adventurousness of the area. A luxury of how wealthy this area was really.

The guy who managed it was this tubby guy with glasses. He snobbed it up and knowing I was broke, told me I should "Go buy a pair of Rockports" for work. I will never forget how he tried to pass it off casually while pushing up his glasses- sloppily dressed in an ill fitting dress shirt and slacks that showed his weight.

Years later recently I ended up seeing him while pan handling. I joked. with him that I should make a sign that said "Need money for a new vibrator" that it would be cute especially to the students.
His response was "Then the police would REALLY have a fit". I never forgot that comment. And this morning I woke up to it presenting itself as being important as well as the original memory of how snooty he was years later. Like he was NOT trying to help me to get out of my lifestyle to get legit work but put me off of doing so..like always would occur when I tried to get legit jobs.
The cheap bastard didnt give me any money at all after conversing with me.

And how exactly do the police have anything to do with any of this? Hmm, I got bloods chasing me across the USA thinking they are better than me and now he admits to what I already know from experiences being harassed and gang stalked by cops in different cities (some cities had no police involvedin harassment, at least uniformed officers or marked cars)

The COPS will really be pissed...who the fuck cares? Another faction who thinks its all about flexing thier damn muscle. But then you've got Mary Holiday working with authorities to get a light sentence and she claims that "Its not everyone who can perform sex acts and not remember them" and her city in MI was a place where cops were definately present.

You have got to be kidding me...so what are the boyz upset about? Being exposed for Merry Xmas cards or not wanting anyone to know that they do indeed support mind control slavery or at least assist the powers that be in such things? I just wonder, with how many of them have former military service if they are military for life even if they go to being local police officers.

Again its Cover Story? or is it the Big Picture? I am sure I will find out later...and still wont fix what was done.

The cops have a problem with one girl with no money and assets who is totally gaslighted. My old associate from NA did tell me "Lets just say I think you got a raw deal." and something about me being sold out for the sake of "...some drug dealer". Is that drug dealer Jake or is it Douglas?

Raw deal- that is an understatement. But its par the course for mind control survivors to have this kind of harassment. You get a raw deal the day you are born into a family of intergenerational slaves. Or sold out by a pedophile family that needs a pay off or a white wash.


  1. cops globally do the gs, all or most cops are masons why dont you look into it ? heres the truth Freemasonry Gangstalking . I told you before but you dont believe me . God Bless you , amsoldierofchrist .

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