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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boston Corruption/the federal investigation years

Sometimes in an effort to keep a focus on my enemies or at least the scum who tried have totally disgarded me in favor of rich scumbags (see Jake, Julie and friends) I look up what the rest of this self centered corrupt piece of shit known as Boston was focusing on while I was focused inward on suicide programming and being targeted.

I see pictures like this and have to realize that this is the city that exploited me all my life.http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2006/07/22/hunt_is_on_for_other_police_corruption/ And these are the kinds of punks that did it too. Maybe not these two specifically but men that look just like them. How would I know the difference?

Then I realize that no matter how much they try to ignore me I have some great dirt on this city. The only thing they can do is ignore me and label me crazy. I also have to realize that perhaps, being totally stupid normal people who live in the day to day 'real world' many of them may not have understood that forces much higher up decided to take advantage of the confusion of the war as well as this investigation to get rid of one little programmed expendable who was approaching her 'sell by date' as they say in spycraft. Which of course they also say in the world of mind control slavery but no one credible would ever be recorded officially saying that. Due to the fact its not supposed to exist. What is ironic about that is when you see in print the words 'sell by date' referring to an agent in spycraft as I have read plainly on the internet, internal programming is exactly what they are referring to.
The realities of spycraft you read about and mind control exist side by side. You would never know that unless you were on the inside which, you never ever want to be.
There is no one I have ever met, in my limited experience, that deals with anything covert in nature that seems healthy or happy as a normal person would- unless they can compartmentalize and pretend that world does not exist for a time.

I realize that the cops and local organized crime people were very busy with thier own issues during this time period:http://iamscotto.blogspot.com/2006/09/protection-by-or-from-boston-police.html
Moltov cocktails? Ohhh subtle. I often wonder who is was trying to get me into cars all the time- feds, military, CIA (bad side not good), organized crime clowns or corrupt law enforcement. Trying to get rid of me, set me up. I often wonder just who was putting shit into my anti anxiety benzos so that pharmacists would tip me off or hospital staff would magically make a new batches of the drug appear just to give me when supposedly they did not carry or dispatch such a drug to patients. Was it these clowns? Some of the sh*t they pulled was just about as stupidly unsubtle as a bomb anyway (how come they didnt get written up as terrorists? A perp or two has intimated that I was put on the terrorist list. I wonder if that is the results of these local clowns and friends as well). Having a bunch of sleazy mafia lookin motherf*ckers try to get me into cars around metro Boston to entrap me into a prostitution charge is about as subtle as a Molotov cocktail. What the hell. They're just doing what comes naturally- I am rather embarrassed but not surprised at all the last names ending in vowels. Why must we always prove the stereotypes correct? But you know what? The system I have encountered does tell me that many ethnic factions are still having to resort to old systems of organized crime to have any power, to get anywhere in the USA. They will have a black president before they will ever have an Italian one. They had an Irish one and they just offed him. I now see that there is a system in the USA that consists of Jews, Blacks and the original WASPs that work together to run the US basically. Third wavers will always be excluded. Which is not racist its just what I have come across in my adventures with covert warfare- in real life and research pertaining to it. There are reasons why many crime operations still have so many vowel ended names. Old systems of ethnic oppression have not ended, especially in the northeast.

Also sending Scott to torture information out of me and to find out what I know- I can understand that from a business perspective, especially when the feds are trying to clean up a city and a system that will never be clean. Of course this was during Romney, Bush, Guliani and McCain. And of course sacrificial lambs from McCain's state and Romneys were given up as busts in the investigation- to buy thier way into the elections its obvious now. Every mind controlled slave with ANY connections to the network, you know what I mean, got on the internet and begged, pleaded with whoever would listen to NOT let those two through the white house doors together. I was not the only one. There were a few others I read saying the same things. It may have been a game or con by the system in place at that time but we all seemed to have this vision of those two escalating things to nuclear war status. Those photos of McCain hugging Bush are as creepy as it gets I think.
Of course they just went around whoever was too important to bust. Its very confusing for me as I was dealing with deprogramming not some outside real world federal investigation. Its hard to tell who is who. Should I consider the white vans (MA) and the black helicopters (MA, St Louis) to be a normal part of a federal investigation of police corruption, drugs and prostitution? Its not normal.
This must be what many perps are on about when they say: "Its over" like those two white ladies from Cambridge had said the other day. Many people honestly do NOT understand that as far as my situation is concerned it was a cover story. It was an involved situation during wartime and anti terror in the USA during Bush. Only through the years, understanding it from the outsiders perspective can I see how people might view these events. Why people in the street look at me and shake their heads as if it would be that easy under these circumstances to just get up and go back to having some sort of normal life. The more that I read about the situation going on around me that I was totally oblivious to the more I see what outsiders must see. And that not everyone is 'in on' gang stalking. Not everyone knows about mind control.

The problem has always been that the targeted survivor gets the treatment from covert factions who know they are programmed under circumstances that will forever cover thier true motives and actions against that person.

There is no way a targeted survivor of RA or programming is ever going to just get up and put thier lives back together.

Either they dont read this blog or they dont believe me, think I am lying or averting the situation.
There are things in this world you dont have access to knowing about. Also your world of drugs, crime, murder etc are pretty light hearted and run of the mill when it comes to the world of covet activities, black ops and classified projects. That being due to the fact that there is a system in place that already knows who is doing what- which is how they pull out thier valuable or favored assets during such things: note in the tapes of Jim Jones, supposedly they were FBI tapes only, the feds were listening in often to thier activities. But note the bit where a CIA man is the one who warns someone to get thier people out of the situation "before something happens to him".
The job of covert ops is not to solve all crime or even interfere. Thier job seems to be to keep quiet and unseen operations or assets human and otherwise from being interfered with during the real life overt stuff you would expect to be part of normal life. For all I know, my being programmed as well as a few old associates of mine also being assets, if even unknown to them, is what spared us all from getting into trouble during any of this. Most likely becuz the covert system has others uses for us or long term plans and doesn't want us destroyed. Thier job is to handle things very delicately so that no one knows they were even involved in influencing events.

They most likely allow crime to exist for the purpose of having a good cover for when its time to get rid of old assets. To this day I cannot understand why I was protected if the purpose is to destroy me. What they seemed to do is torture, rape and basically sacrifice me without lever laying a hand on me..which of course fits in perfectly with being an RA survivor.
I often wonder if the dolts involved in the mere federal investigation were trying to find out my part in all of it, then someone realized that it went further than that. Like me looking at old footage of diplomats from the 70's and saying to myself that I know I know that man from somewhere but where? Yes this is what I was told my an older perp in MI. That when I said that out loud I became a dead woman walking.
By the way f*ck you.

But again the covert system has the most frightening timing I have ever experienced. How was it that I was deprogramming in 2003? That this all started in earnest after my grandfather, the main family perp, died, and something in my mother's programming seemed to be triggered by his death. Something so evil that I really dont want to think about it. How is it that due to some mold exposure in my apartment, some brain damage that I began in 2003 to go through layers of suicide programming? Right at the time that Jake began turning on me, leading me on while slowly abandoning me? At this time period I was targeted in NA by people who seemed to support him. But why was there a covert faction in NA? I guess it was all during the time of the federal investigations. But these people worked to gas light me, harass me, destroy me and work on behalf of the system that gets rid of little girls who are programmed and waking up to that fact and remembering- not to solve crime or find out the chain of command pertaining to some drug rings and money laundering.
2001, the war, Bush. 2002 my grandfather died, I come back for funeral. Jake has turned into a druggy and dealer, hes a mess. 2002 I finally get place to live. 2003 my mother is totally creeping me out with a sinister vibe. Suicide programming sequences are activated there are 3 layers to get through. Apartment is moldy by two different water sources leaking one unseen by me long enough to get exposed to mold. I get sick from mold exposure as I am targeted so heavily that I cant leave and just go into my own little inner world, to deal with it as well as I am trying to understand my internal world of programming.
All during this time there was this huge investigation that I was opblivious to. And interestingly my own mother seemed to not be able to inform me of this. My old associate tried to warn me but by 2003 or 4 I was so far gone from Jake abandoning me at the same time leading me on as well as my being heavily harassed, stalked and targeted in other ways, that I start into a downward spiral. The mold starts to affect my health in ways that I will never recover from for the rest of my life. No one in NA seems to be aware of the investigation and I am gaslighted by everyone close to me to of course assist the people targeting me. The one person that had the most to lose being a career criminal is the ONLY ONE who warned me and put me into the direction of what was really going on.
The cover story for my behavior during this time I later learn, was that I must have been on drugs. My former sponsor instead of telling me the truth, blames my situation on me saying that I was taking the anti anxiety benzos prescribed to me, so it was my own fault for whatever was happening to me and around me.
The people how had little to lose but could have warned me like Jake and my mother, used the opportunity to gain as much as they could during this time period. And due to these moves got themselves opportunities and favors that they would not have had before or ever again.

I suffered for years with ill health, still feeling its effects, am denied my rights and proper just handling of a law suit for damages to my health and potential concerning the mold exposure, as well as have suffered being harassed, targeted, stalked and destroyed in an obvious effort to first cause suicide and now to behavior modify me to keep me silent. While all the people who helped gaslight me or target me now lead their lives or have improved lives due to thier actions.

One must wonder why a nobody like myself during this investigation was so important, and warranted such attentions especially when I did not seem to know what was going on. The monitoring of me was basically used as entertainment I know that now.

Secret projects or black ops were being done readily under the cover story of war, terrorism, federal investigations, busts etc.
This all started back in 2001: http://www.laborers.org/HartfordCour_Lawyer_1-28-01.htm
"what is emerging as one of the country's worst law enforcement scandals." Gee you'd have thought that I would have known about it and if not THAT SOMEONE CLOSE TO ME WOULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. Instead, I was gaslighted and spoon fed very little bits like that whatever is going on, dont go to the FBI even if you're being harassed becuz you dont know anything anyway. That was it. And that just left me more confused.

I also, even in my confused state, wondered what ever happened to subpoenas.

The whole thing was total bullshit when it comes to my situation. I was harassed within an inch of my life. I was looking up euthanasia possibilities in the USA and abroad, which is what I was going to use my mold settlement for when, upon googling "police corruption" I found the words "gang stalking". It literally saved my life.
Which is why I supposedly waste my time doing activism every day of my life. I cant have a normal life anyway so why not? What else do I have left?
And its interesting when I returned here for years after like 2007 or 2008, that psychological warfare was being done in a very heavy campaign- lots of classical conditioning. Which means that I never had a chance.

So when people say "its over" or look at me like why dont I move on, I often wonder if they are refering to it from a perspective of the true story, or the cover story. Only knowing the cover story would explain thier callus ignorance.

This is another reason I believe that targets go postal. They are set up in some similar circumstances so that only they and the covert factions know what is really being done to them, and perhaps the people only knowing the cover story or that some bullying is occuring, go on that. This would explain why they are caught by surprise when the target totally looses it. How are they supposed to know that they are a programmed expendable or that there is heavy psych warfare going on that specifically targets the person's weak points?

If you knew how cold hearted, brutal and sadistic these factions and covert warfare really is, you would NOT want to be in on something like this. Most people are fairly harmeless even if they are like the clowns mentioned above compared to the covert factions- what they are capable of, the amount of money and access they have is way above the heads of most people in society.

Drug dealing or telling someone that they will pay with their lives or the lives of their family if anything goes wrong is trite and business as usual compared to the sh*t I have seen. Try being abducted by an entire bus out in the desert or going across the midwest, gassed, messed with and then woken up to recall everything...but you cant yerself believe it.

The things I have been through create a fear worse than death. Terror is worst than death or the loss of human life.

Getting someone sick with exposure to mycotoxins, having those closest to them betray them, then being harassed and stalked around the USA while victimizing them with psychological warfare for years on end as well as murder attempts, all the while they are conversely protected by covert factions and never allowing them any time to talk to anyone or get healing, never letting them alone, never letting up, and always pushing for suicide- THAT my friends is alot more twisted, alot worse than losing one's family or one's own life.

If you are a target of gang stalking and you are a survivor of RA and programming, you will experience torture, chaos and not only the destruction of yer very self and soul but in the end the forces behind such actions demanding possession of you for the rest of your earthly life.

Seems that for some of us business as usual is not so usual after all. And corrupt cops playing with the system have it easy compared to being a targeted survivor/expendable who was never even allowed to have a place in the real world to begin with.

Consider yourselves very fortunate. Years in jail as a token take down so the really important people dont have to fall sucks I agree. Its better than being wiped out of existence, of course having never been allowed to exist outside of slavery to begin with.

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