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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Systematic Ignoring/ Use your RA backround to survive

My case involves much deception and gaslighting. Its obvious its about programming and a continuation of the human experimentation that my mother was victim to in the radiation experiements. The most annoying thing about this is that people in authority were so full of sh*t. I had two cops in St Louis give me a ride and then start this bs conversation about someone being in trouble and to the effect that they understood or sympathized. This is so typical of the police always trying to bond with the Target or at least me. But the circumstances that they attempt to bond to you under are false. Its a reward con- if you agree with the lies about what the situation is really about then you can be bonded with people who will protect you.

I hate thier misogyny and I hate their obvious lying. Cops must be chipped as well becuz I can read them a mile away. They emote what they dont say or show. Besides the fact that females have survived male aggression whether overt or covert for thousands of years by knowing when all naughty little boys are lying to us. And in that moment that is all they appear as. What are they trying to get away with now? You ask yourself. Becuz its obviously something.

And then there is the whole thing with trying to deceive a female. Note how they have to use terror and fear to scare females before their shoddy deceptive style can take hold in the mind. Note that and keep it in mind always.

There is also the idea that as intellectual entities devoid of gender they are trying to outsmart you. Which of course they need an entire army to do so. Which means its all bullshit.

Systematic ignoring is very effective in getting the TI brainwashed to forget what happened. However they also rub this in as a power game with such comments as those ladies gave the other day in Cambridge "Its over." So I am panhandling and somehow this is a threat to your plans becuz it indicates that you feel I should have moved on by now. I recall how nasty Cambridge was to me in the beginning of all this. It is not forgotten. One old b*tch at thecity hall smirked and said "I cant change the name on that document" due to a mix up with my name and my mothers, but she was referring to me being chased, hunted and targeted. How naive do you have to be to realize that changing yer name or wearing diguises is not going to stop the organized stalking and harassment. These bastards have toys and capabilities that you only see in sci fi movies. I was never naive enough to waste my time hiding. Why should I? Let the system validate hunting me, I am not going to act like I did something wrong when I did not. And as for your blessed FBI let them supeana me like everyone else. Once I tell all of what happened people are going to realize that this was NOT about harassing someone into going into the FBI and confessing what they know. Hitting someone with microwave weapons and using extreme behavioral conditioning methods with psychological warfare sounds like its more about SILENCING a witness not getting one to talk.
White vans (MA) and black helicopters (St Louis, MO) are not FBI that I know of. That is a whole other mess as far as I have read.

So those bitches in Cambridge can take thier menopausal bitterness and thier road map aged faces and go drop dead of estrogen starved induced coronaries. Please do it soon becuz you either know the whole story and are so evil, rotten and spoiled that you deserve to die under horrible circumstances for cheerleading on the side of this much evil, or you are so stupid, typical coddled naive morons from Cambridge that you just think its about some harassment, me being weak enough to fall under a bit of pressure and it was all justified.

So what are the choices left to a society that either went along with this much destruction and damage and human rights violations or were so naive that they didnt understand the seriousness of the circumstances? Systematic ignoring is thier only hope of surviving what they did as a community or society. That or believing the person is mentally insane or delusional. And those are good options really. They completely let most of society off the hook.

Targets have to face that no one is going to believe us readily or want to. No one is going to just come up and sympathize with us or admit what they did.
Also all these wimps are afraid of the big bad monsters that are behind gang stalking. The hard core satanists, the religious reformers, the sadists, the greedy business men, the twisted anti social scientist who views us as nothing more than a lab monkey, the militant racists who will do anything to finally secure power, the other religious factions that do terrorism on factions of people who do not believe as they do-overtly and COVERTLY in society daily and I am talking about religious groups you suspect and those you have become blind to that co exist with us and have for thousands of years.
Lets not forget the rabid sexists that cant wait to be in on something like this when an attractive, vulnerable female is involved. The rich kids who believe genuinely that they are better than you and deserve all even if you are more intelligent, talented or attractive than they. Your fellow poor who hate you becuz you have gifts and carriage, who cant dig thier way out so they have to say of you "She aint no better" just becuz you have self respect, standards and demand of yourself results.

Gang stalking is a free for all for every single demographic that hates whatever or whoever you are. Each demographic will come take a piece out of you.

What happened to me is totally outrageous. And systematic ignoring or labelsing me nuts is the only way to escape the laws in this country that say that I had human rights or civil rights. It will be interesting once the whole thing is told to see the reaction. Some people may repent or realise how f*cked it was but most people will continue to ignore me as well as every other TI. I am not naive enough to have faith in mankind, at least not in this version of the USA nowadays. The public are totally brainwashed and controlled. Its absolutely hopeless.

You better thank the gods for your programming as well as any early cult involvement. I know it sounds strange but how could anyone stand this much evil unless they were associated with it before hand somehow. When yer married to Satan as a baby instead of God in some goofy first communion, it stands to reason that yer dealing with something yer associated with already. That is part of you. This is the way SRA works. I cant quite figure out if its they that protects people like me or they are the ones that come after us at a certain age to use us for sacrifice and its some other faction that stops them. But to withstand this much evil there has got to be a connection. And there are different Satanic factions. The people I started to see and become aware of were more low level LaVey types. This is not quite what I recall from the few early memories I have of RA. These people resemble peasants compared to what I recall being associated with. They also seemed really stupid in comparison. If Aquino is behind military programming of many of us from that era it would make sense as Aquino is not LaVey. He seems a bit more intelligent and vicsous from what little I have seen in interviews.

You have to remember that all of these people are programmed most likely from the get go. There is no blame to be placed on one person or one faction.

To be quite honest the real monsters are the public who get in on these campaigns. Many of them dont seem disturbed by what they do to someone who is innocent. I have seen perps and destroyers like my grandfather, my mother and others. They suffer. They suffer everyday of their lives. The dangerous public, the sheep the cowards- these do not seem to have any care for the things they do to others. Keep that in mind also as you pass through these experiences. Watch and see who seems to pay for what they have done.

For the public to still be hounding me, to still have to taunt or torture me with a bloated sense of pride or casual arrogance shows that they dont suffer or pay for thier part in what has been done. I highly doubt if even after the story is told will they even be a bit effected by the truth or the reality of what has been done.
They live in an insular reality where they are safe as well as they dont have to pay for thier crimes. They are also hopelessly brainwashed. They probably have the whole thing compartmentalized in thier own minds. How can they understand what they have been a part of when they hardly even fathom truly a sense of right and wrong.

As Scarface said in that restaurant scene: 'You need people like me to point yer fingers at... ..yer not good, you just know how to hide'. True enough.


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