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Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Sunday in Cambridge MA

Another Sunday. No jamming was sensed nor the usual I get around this area that is pure torture lately. I will do a piece on what is used in this area as well as other cities but I am a bit hesitant to do so as its obvious that anything we TI's say can and will be used against us. I suspect at times that the perps are just waiting for many of us to discredit ourselves even further. The beauty of these campaigns going on so long and with the internet now, one can see other target's histories and documentation.

It isnt so easy for the system to just use the same old set ups to dupe targets and get rid of them so easily.

I slept all day which I needed. A lack of sleep just makes being targeted worse.

I notice that on Sundays I can actually relax and sleep during day when during week I often need this as well but simply cannot sleep during the day. It feels like the area is managed so that during weekdays people are more influenced to go about thier work day or business of the day.

As I have posted before one can feel a lack of influence on Sundays. Its as if...............
I started writing and I just felt a change in I went blank. I had my next words all set up and then poof! They were gone. I feel blocked- very common in MA. Recall I had to leave MA in 2006 to another state just to get my lawsuit for the moldly apartment written up. It could not have possibly been completed here. And whatever is used in MA especially the major cities like Camb or Boston is even more streamlined and sophisticated now.

Whoever is behind this does NOT want me writing about how the system is suspected to use remote influence especially on the public. That I have experienced multiple times.

I'll just do my best.

I was going to make some detailed comparison concerning the days that are not holidays during a normal week day work week but I cant remember now what I was going to say exactly. The whole thought has been blocked.

What is used on me during a normal day in the week is really horrible and is something I cannot fight readily. It occurs in most major cities I find myself in and relief is only gotten by going outside the parameters.

It not only keeps a target imprisoned it keeps them diverted as well as serves as a behavior modification tool. I believe its what is responsible for so many people having what is now known as "Truman Show Syndrome". Of course they are probably targeted individuals who are ignorant of that being what is really going on in the big picture.

It occured to me today that if one is honest right now, targets must admit that we now live in a dictatorship or a society that is ruled by covert means. That we live in our worst traditional fears- a Russia or an East Germany. Due to a consumer culture or Capitalist culture being preserved and the public not being overtly repressed no one notices or even balks that much about it. A high quality of life being preserved is what they may feel they are getting out of it so expendables dont matter.

I wish I could make myself sleep during the day on weekdays but whatever it is that affects me monday through saturday (except holidays) drives me to be busy so that I cant really think or rest properly. It doesnt even stop at night- only at approx midnight. Sunday is the only day outside of holidays that I get any true relief or rest.

And its gotten worse since schools went back in session. It is almost impossible to fight the system that holds me captive during the 'on' days and hours. Its literally impossible to fight such a system. I would need to get out of the city parameters or leave the state completely which I cant do right now. And it is mental torture. The system that is used I find is typical of eastern MA.

Lately I am finding it harder to fight and to keep focused on me wrting my book as all important. More depressed lately than is healthy. Its a way of trying to get me out of Harvard Sq I can tell. But I cant leave yet no matter how much this area tortures me.

Also feeling very conditioned to feel bad from my surroundings or the rich kids that make up Harvard Sq. Feeling very uncomfortable lately and I beleive this is on purpose. Getting side tracked too much.

On Sunday due to not being swept up into the system I crash most likely due to feeling as tired as I truly am. There is something about the remote influence when its active and a target is swept up in it that drives you, and makes it so you can perform under harsh circumstances. Of course then you arent fully thinking and all yer energy gets diverted from what you truly want to be doing or even things you keep trying to get done but cant think striaght. All on a timed schedule. From 6am to 12 midnight Mon -Sat in the Metro Boston area.

Hurray for the NWO.


Sébas said...

Have you seen this movie ?


Control Factor (2003) (TV)

An average everyman discovers he's the unwitting target of an ultra secret domestic black-op centering on mind control.

Anonymous said...

The book closing the gap is real
close to what is going on. My opinion is i think the fbi and corporations do a threat assesment on people. If there is any drug or mental illness label they could be a target. Many people i have talked with including myself have had a past drug involvement. starkeep