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Thursday, September 9, 2010

More possible human experimentation related to gang stalking

Once again a gang stalking target child of a human experimentee from the Boston area finds new 'findings' from 'experts' who have done 'studies' to get thier results....which are suprisingly close to the results due to circumstances of gang stalking campaigns.

One of the results of my campaign is to make me feel very evil alot of the time or associate me with any evil from my past such as connection to RA or memories of rituals or the evil involved in that. The campaign instead of allowing the survivor to heal and cleanse themselves, forces the survivor to become very close and bonded to the root evil (and the cult that still harasses them) within themselves from childhood instead of becoming free of it.

Alternately, I have percieved myelf as exceptionally moral and heroic due to not giving in to working on the side of such forces though tolerating them as part of my original make up, family backround or part of my nature.

This reeks of being human experimentation and many of us suspected that much of what is done is connected to stress tests (military are notorious for these)and modifying the human being into something superman-like (Nazi human experimentation continued in the USA and formed into MK Ultra/radiation experiments)or for human self improvement or to discover how to manipulate a human to gain better performance.

Also if you look carefully there is a military faction that is obssessed with the Templars back when they were knights, have reinvented the culture and actually believe they have a right to those warriors lineage. I can tell you from experience, but I cant tell you how I know this but trust me its true- that there is an obsession with finding out the secrets of the Templars, how they were such a fighting force etc. And the lengths they will go to are ruinous and destructive. Look at what CIA factions have been recorded as doing trying to 'crack' codes connected to such things as DaVinci.

Dealing with Templar and Satanic content, and stay with me now I know its getting out there- is in reality dealing with the morality play of 'good' and 'evil'. If you could do experimentation or benefit from someone else doing some program with a person who was very immmersed in programming or issues having to do with such moral content, you may be able to observe many of the results of such a person's journey like observing them scientifically- physically, psychologically etc.

The problem with all this is that human experimentation is used and there are very 'special' people who would have power by nature that are basically abducted by these factions, cut open in essence dissected via methods not necessarily physical and then robbed of thier natural birth right, used, abused, tested and basically destroyed in the quest for finding out what makes special people special.

This is nothing new. There have always been true, nature born Magis and then there are Necromancers. These are beings or people who need to imitate natural Magick and Magis in order to accomplish the same feats. The usually use technology to assist them in these quests for supremecy.

Then of course you the public get to benefit by supposedly now having the perfect diet plan as in the article above.

Its all LIES of course, becuz in reality THE SYSTEM YOU LIVE IN KEEPS YOU FROM YOUR OWN WILL POWER EVERY DAY. It lies and decieves and manages perceptions. It controls information. It tells you you need to lose weight, sells you the excersise machine then shows you adds for restaruants and gives you fast food when you dont have time becuz you are out busting your ass to buy excersise machines and expensive fatty over the top meals at restaraunts.

The price of which you do not see every day. It doesnt just cost you it costs many people down the line who get exploited so this system can keep you on the hamster wheel and ultimately, make the most profit for itself off of all of us.
Consumers, exploited workers, experimentees etc- we all pay so they make money and keep doing so.

The problem with all this is that it DOES harm the experimentees. Harvard has in the past been active in me being gang stalked and that I know for sure as well as MIT. Harvard seems to have knocked it off a bit but MIT keeps acting up- but not as badly as they did in years past. At MIT there are many many shamed people and hanging heads when they pass me. They know something is up and it goes way beyond me knowing which of thier employees were clients of escort services.

Much of the experimentation is very harsh and totally immerses the person into an insular world. They have no lives just like captive lab rats. They are discredited and many of us will suffer in coming years physical ailments from what has been done to force us to push our bodies to the limits to survive.

You have GOT to believe me that there are cruel human experiments behind much of the results from experts you read about that seems benign. I have posted before BU (another offender) had a researcher that claimed to have magically discovered alot of what was obviously taken from MK Ultra and other experimentation and results found from such experiments.

The problem is that even when such experimentation is exposed no one gets jailed for it even though it breaks international laws and often goes under the heading of high crimes or war crimes. Its like no one takes it seriously. Often becuz the circumstances are often the same- its expendable people who cant fight back once they discover the truth (CIA documentary from CBS in the 70's on my YouTube channel documents a former CIA operative claiming that they purposely used persons that would not be able to get revenge or fight back once they discovered what had occured. So this is the normal mind set to begin with and its been docuemented.) (Also one thing the perp usually stress is that the govt and other legit factions keep records of experiemntation or treatement of prisoners so that no corruption exists. The very fact that the people telling one this are at that moment in on black ops is testament to the fact that certain things go on without documentation or that its not overtly documented or thier actions are not policed. In the Pres Advisory Committee testimonies this is alluded to if not outright stated as one of the problems with validating experimentees claims. The statement .."the CIA wont give [records] to us" is also proof that even if there is documentation it may not always be accessable.).

Such people come from families that not only easily comprimised due to thier own criminal nature but this also genetically provides people who have the toughness they need to survive experimentation, as in the example of kids from pedophile families chosen for high level programming in infancy due to genetic ability to disaccosiate and other qualities, as well as their parents being able to be blackmailed thus the situation is controlled.

And the greatest problem with the issue of unethical covert human experimentation in the USA other than no scientists or factions ever being brought up on charges is that THE RESULTS ARE KEPT AND USED FOR EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED TO GET SAID RESULTS FOR. Just like big pharma or drug companies its a better scam in the long term to sell a dangerous drug to the public and then pay off whoever is smart and determined enough to come forward later to sue than to never allow it on the market to begin with. Expendable people are factored into business regularly I was told. We are talking about factoring in human death as part of the price of doing business.

In the long run its better the get the results sought and pay off some experimentees (if you even get caught. It seems that private corporations, research, science, pharma and military contractors are so damn powerful that its never going to be as easy to catch them as it was when the CIA and military was being sloppy during MK Ultra and radiation experimentation. The chances of catching these people now are impossible. And what is so frightening is it seems that big pharma/psychiatry are providing an actual front for what is actually on going human experimentation.

I tell you this: whatever the stakes are now they are f*cking high. Whatever they are going for its of a magnitude that most people cant even concieve. I think they found thier supermen and no mere nobodies in the public are going to get in the way of what this progresses into.)

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO STOP THIS, IF THEY REALLY CARED THEY WOULD BAN ALL RESULTS OF SUCH RESEARCH FROM BEING USED EVER AGAIN AND DESTROY SUCH DOCUMENTATION IN ALL ITS FORMS. IN THE INTEREST OF GOOD TASTE AS WELL AS JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS. But it should speak volumes to you if a country does not bring the guiltly up on charges but resorts to paying off a few lab monkeys that they want the results of the experimentation alot more than they care about people, victims, laws, or getting caught.

The gang stalking of human experimentees to keep them from going to the MK Ultra testimonies is just one example of what these factions will do to keep these projects going, get 'results' and never be fully exposed for war crimes and going against the Geneva convention. Continued gang stalking and experimentation is a sure sign that no one is going to see what is really going on as whatever they are going for continues.

The world of science, medicine and the military industrial complex are very VERY high stakes and there are obscene amounts of money involved. Do not take such 'results' at face value. I have scene multiple articles like this especially during Bush where hte gang stalking was really crazy where the content of such 'results' were usually eeirily similar to what was being done to TI's everywhere.


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that I just love the perps' approach to reality. They think if they have tons of mind-controlled robots harass the shit out of an apple, they can eventually turn it into an orange. It just makes no sense. I suppose the idea is that with the human mind, if they keep bombarding the one human with tons of ideations, chemical changes will occur over time that will get the victim changed into whatever they want.

Basically, what I meant to convey with my little analogy, is the methods they use, those little gangstalking nobodies who think they're such hot shit, getting off on harassing us. They think because their group think something's true, then it must be true. They live within their own manufactured false realities. They really do get off on their own ignorance, thinking they can just say an apple is an orange. And because their huge mind-controlled group agrees, then it must be true.

I'm not sure why so many people would want to go along with this, given that it's an overwhelmingly unfair advantage over the victim. And to put themselves into a position (where they do shit to secretly provoke one person), and not even be embarrassed as to how stupid they look or how wrong it is, it doesn't make sense. Just because the other mind-controlled dumbed-down idiots think it's funny or right is enough justification to them. Or maybe they think if they go along with the herd, it makes their actions right. I've seen some pretty stupid ones harassing me, like they just throw these degenerate types right in the open to come after us. Like the one tactic that is their favorite, having really unhealthy-looking perps hang around me just to piss me off.

Anonymous said...

You are right about the magnitude and scale, and that the people involved have no idea. That's how they keep so many people in the loop: because they have no idea whatsoever about what is really going on behind the scenes. Now we both know, but those people on the bottom, they just think they're keeping "deviants" in line. But they don't know the truth, that the ones pulling the strings are the true deviants, that they are sick-minded creeps getting results from corporate sponsors.