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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Underground Bunkers For Security/Intel Companies, WESTEC And Remote Influence

Regulations or regulatory? What regulations would these companies be seeking to evade by being in subterranean locations opposed to above ground?

I found this becuz I was looking up a company called Westec. Their logo-a big pyramid with an eye inside, is taped onto the glass of the McDonald's restaurant I frequent in Castaic, CA last few days.

There's near constant GS guaranteed in this McDonald's every time I come in here.

Its subtle consisting mostly of Mexicans and Asians doing wallet/back pocket with nothing in it-tap tactic. We just got the typical.interrogating questions from a young white male claiming to be Iraq vetran who ended by offering to buy us food which I refused.

Most of the tech or psychic harassment is done through security/surveillance cameras and many TIs feel this to be the case. It seemed like something became alive about rhose black half spheres during Bush. There was a definite presence sensed from those globes, all over in different locations.

Targets can sense alot of the viewing of the in person gang stalking by actual humans in public spaces is done through surveillance cameras-in stores and public spaces.

Security companies work for and with the military and prison industrial complexes. They are one of the types of businesses that would have greatly benefitted from 9-11 and the anti terror culture that bloomed afterwards, they would also benefit from any sort of chaos and crime in society. Lone shooters too.

More curious is the photos of the underground bunkers and spaces being used to house such businesses in link above. Ive seen almost exactly the same type spaces through remote viewing years ago, during Bush. Very quick flashes but I saw it.

As if that was where much of the interface and harassment was coming from.

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  1. You are saying that you should have left the US before Bush I & II. It doesn't matter where you go in the "civilized" world because gang stalking was used in Europe long before it came to the US (I think, it was Stalin who introduced it to the world, or re-introduced it, I think it's been put into use for many centuries perhaps). Thailand is filled with Nazis and whores, it's like rich and poor, white and Thai, Nazi and whore, like nothing in between. When I came here 2 years ago trying to save my life by getting health care here because it's affordable the stalking became murderous, really truly deadly. My heart has been under continuous attack, they force tears out of my eyes, they make my facial muscles pull down, etc etc. Most of it became obvious when Nicola became the "Handler" so he would force me to know who was the "master" of the situation. He's very turned on by violence and very oblivious to consequences, so it's been non-stop torture from him and then getting fucked and raped and teleported with me crying endlessly in emails to stop. How can I ever, ever begin to prove this is happening or begin to describe this to anyone? so I'm writing it to you. It's a hell, and the hell depends on the people operating your particular situation, and what they think you should be doing in their game.

    I am still extremely terrified of being poisoned. Mozart claimed he was poisoned, and his son later wrote that Mozart had bloated up and in the end could not move at all, he was paralyzed. Experts have exhumed his body (how could they tell, he was buried in a mass grave?) but they say he died of pneumonia. I think poisoning people until they become paralyzed and then later claiming it is some natural cause has been done on people for centuries, using various forms of poison. With me I think they are using a synthetic version. I believe also the Jim Morrison, who became "fat" at the end of his short life, was similarly poisoned. Also a great feminist writer named Andrea Dworkin (highly recommend her reading to you) became huge and bloated and died of unknown causes.

    When you say, in your video, that we should make them suffer consequences,I try to fight back or retaliate but I am so sick from the poisoning, surrounded completely by them, and there are dangerous consequences for me too, but I won't mention them. I think just the fact that I write to you is not very safe because they don't want any TI's to have any support whatsoever. But at least be glad you are not getting tortured and fucked like a porn object all the time.