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Sunday, March 24, 2013

GS Groups Coming Out On Sunday In Avondale AZ Near Pilot Truck Stop Harassment Intense Since Chandler

Possible perps part of large group today in Avondale AZ.
 Lots of kids today.This group has one kid on the right wearing a black Boston Red Sox cap. They used my companion's name for their order then laughed about it when it was called.

 Before they came in there were three kids dressed like Juggalos but without neck or.other permanent tattoos identifying as Juggalo like the kid at the truck stop last night.  The perps they are sending now are locals posing as Travelers usually people who dont get bothered by police or are friendly with security people. Or people like this who are young and are.posing as something I mentioned in as part of psych warfare.Usually arrogant and mocking of the Target.
       The male and female behind me in line at the McDonalds near pilot truck stop in Avondale AZ said something about Satanism-like have you had your daily dose of Satanism today. After sitting down the arrogant young male said to the female "I wonder if she'll last. I bet she will".      We had two homebums posing as Travelers in Vegas who upon hearing my companion is an atheist said "No Satanism for YOU then?.
   The people in this video one of them is wearing a large silver cross.      We were gang stalked intensely last night trying to simply walk through a parking lot where McDonalds and other stores are.   It was as intense as I used to get during Bush circa 2008!! This began to get bad after being stalked by marked cop cars in Chandler AZ few nites ago.  Weve been doing nothing but trying to get out of this area including my calling teuckers I know for rides.
 We are forced to avoid heat from noon til 3 or so and the sysyem is so bad here that we.couldnt function well enuf to catch a.ride i had pre arranged with a trucker friend who was coming thru the area.
   I filmed the stalking from vehicles in lot last night which included a marked police vehicle.   It seems in my experience that certain cities.have marked.cop cars that engage in gang stalking stalking and harassment but other cities, marked cars are clearly not engaging in gs of Targeted Individuals.  Two questions: where are.they recruiting these kids from and is there an on paper legality involved in only certain cities having marked police cars engage in gs harassment??


Anonymous said...

it seems like a big part of perps like these and others is they want to steal our sense of swagger, self-esteem, and might. And they want to keep it all for themselves. They want our energies, essences, auras all without lifting a finger. For them, it's all a matter of taking a ride down the street, acting like a bunch of assholes, putting on the perp acts, and then they get to feel good by hijhacking our esteem. And I don't know why the system would allow that... to allow these kinds of perps to steal our esteem and spiritual essences and not let them contribute anything back.

mej313 said...

Stalkers get turned on, sexually, from the stalking and they all follow a "script" to appear arrogant. I believe secretly they feel like losers, and this is one way to get a sense of power. Of course, when the target is rendered homeless and is obviously suffering to death, they can feel elevated by stepping on someone defenseless. They're not arrogant though, they're such losers, just losers. But with all the numbers of them attacking targets, it's a society of miserable people. I never consider them arrogant, just losers looking for a way to fill up their personal emptiness. They are dangerous though with all the drugs, weapons and violence at their disposal.

Mike said...

I been looking on the bright side, I'm famous and have a paparazzi. Why am I famous? My unique way of thinking, and my capability to create groundbreaking, world changing, socially influencing art forms that may cause an uprising. I'm a danger to the agenda, to the order. If they want powerful gun weapons banned, why would they not want to ban, and limit powerful minds. catch the spirit, catch the spit.

Anonymous said...

I have experienced intense gang stalking in AZ also from police. I've noticed state police Lso seem to b more likely to gs than muniipal