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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Security And Surveillance System In Corporate Chains Are The Main Problem

Every major chain has a security system that inevitably drives Targeted Individuals nuts, but only while we're in the store/building and these effects cease the moment a a TI exits the building.

I can feel the cameras above my head burning into the side of my fucking skull basically. I'm being colorful of course but I do sense them. Inevitabky all I have to do is look up in the direction of the oppressive, bothersome feeling or sensation and there's always a camera in the ceiling-those stupid black half spheres.p

Its like having your eyes closed, sitting somewhere and knowing, sensing someone is staring at you. You open your eyes and there they are, looking right at you.

The cameras in these places also seem capable of harassing TIs with what could be microwave or electromagnetic tech or even psychic warriors (like Cheney's SPOON BENDERS) .

I've experienced harassment content consisting of being based on my not having alot of money to afford things, my not being a part of the corporate reality, and always in Target feeling suspected of stealing at any time which induces anxiety.

I've actually experienced i a Target store the sensation of being mentally scanned to see if I had the money to afford a possible purchase I was considering.

Which is the same similar experience I had during the Bush era, going through a check point on the border of Nevada where the bus went thorough this large structure. Ive posted about this, that I literally was brain scanned somehow and whatever I felt most guilty about that I was hiding was pulled from my mind.

This might be necessary for national security of state like NV, so close after 9-11 but it should NOT be used to create a corporate consumerist prison culture within every city in the USA.

Alot of that anti terror classified bullshit was also used against Survivors. Either higher ups lied to military and intel people, knowing full well they were eliminating victim witnesses against their own war crimes or the purpose of those activities was known to the participants-to destroy MK kids and anyone who knows anything about money and power too close to Ground Zero-or both.

Ive also posted that in Cambridge area back in MA the system has the ability to keep track of a TIs bank accounts and seems to further design the harassment campaign based on that information.

Obviously the security surveillance systems are effecting the Target so the person self talks, acts out or worse-the lone shooter which seems thier ultimate goal in many cases. Unfortunately, if my assessment is correct, they've been successful.

Why wouldn't security companies CAUSE crime, in order to further the need for their services? Its what industrialsts, businesses and the elite DO. Its the way they think.

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  1. This is how I am attacked when I go outside (not to mention the list of when I am indoors in my abode):

    Synthetic Telepathy is used to "read" my thoughts, so stalkers are prepared to attack me in advance of arriving at my destination.

    While being attacked, some device is used to trigger a panic sensation in my body, sometimes trembling, as they attack me. My eyes are made to water and tears come out when I am trying to fight off attacks, so I look like I'm crying or miserable and weak.

    They use some other methods of making me unstable and weak while outside in public so I am not calm and strong enough to be in control over the harassment that comes at me every 5 minutes from stalkers. Here in Thailand they come at me like flies, it must be inexpensive to pay them to do this, there are so many of them. Plus the fat ugly tourists from The West who also attack me. I don't know if they all get paid or they just do it for their sense of the New World Order.