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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stalked By Security In Ontario, California TARGET Store, Security System Harassment

Ontario CA, Target near Ontario Mills mall.

Mexican house slave security guard was there in our faces upon entering the store which seems to be Target's mo lately.

He then became a stalking pain in the ass as I made my purchases and came out of the cashier to go into Starbucks to sit with my companion.

He then returned once more to hover around the barista in Starbucks while.she kissed his ass and did what sounded like tactical conversation-asking questions meant to possibly intimidate everyone around them. ("Do you have handcuffs? Can you do this or that? Do you have authority to do this or that?")

I got pissed off, like deeply angered-Italian pissed off. Which means the snake within begins to rise up through one's darker Italian nature and one starts getting ideas about how to stick around for a week or so, find out where this guy lives and fuck with his home and family til he learns his lesson about power games and invading other people's territory or space.

He made sure he leared over at us luckily i walked behind him as I was just throwing trash away. So i.was in a more empowered position physically being behind him not being victimized by his learing.

The second I threatened to go on my blog suddenly the area filled up with actual grown ups from Target like managers and respobsible looking people, all of whom are white and preppy looking.

They sat down to have a meeting.

More employees showed up to sit in the area in clusters. All females of different races etc and one non threatening white male manager.

The first manager type that walked back here was a tall.blonde female preppy manager who made sure she made contact with us by saying hi as she walked by.

As far as i am concerned this is their way of possibly putting out a fire, to calm a Target made overly angry by their actions.

Note that the camera system in Target always bothers me just like Walmart and in both places it is harassment. In Walmart its more mocking, in Target its usually outright harassing with the goal it seems to get me to freak out or act out. I believe this conpany like many has a security system that is involved in harassing Targeted Individuals via technologies connected to their security surveillance systems. Security and a few employees are involved lately also.

In Target in San Diego I have posted some years ago.that actual human experimentation activities as in connected to MK Ultra occurred.

Target also has some shady connections to white supremacy groups in Wisconsin. White supremacy groups or individuals from.that state are an important part of at least my campaign.
These areas have conections to satanists in Scandinavia.

Also any corporation in the US who has a successful large, monopolizing chain is involved in 'gang stalking', their employees active in harassment of Targets and their security systems the main source of harassment.

(Actually the harassment was mostly from an area next to Ontario called Rancho Cucamonga. We were targeted at a church there too last nite. I kept waking up from sleep and dreaming that we didnt belong there...becuz the US Post office was right across the street which i don't believe it actually was.

It was however right across the way from CHP....


  1. This tactic of sending people out to "smooth over" the TI is extremely common. After a perp harassed me... and what a surprise! It was a perp in an SUV! Then a friendlier perp showed up at my destination, who was chatting me up and being very friendly. And she had the perp vibe, but was very pleasant.

    And we are always being watched, and they have to take care of us. It's like in the song Buddy Holly, where the lyrics state that, look, I know you're in trouble and you're being harassed, but never fear, because "I'm always near". And "you need a guardian". So they serve as our guardians. We are their children, and they are using punishment to make us into "better children".

    I'm wondering if a song from 1994 could have psy-ops? I'm surprised, but I think that song and the video is intended as psy-ops towards certain TI's.

  2. Another TI here. Rachel, I wish you would make more videos. You are such a powerful speaker and seeing you on camera really makes me feel that I am not alone as a TI. Keep fighting.