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Friday, March 22, 2013

left area due to companion becoming ill

Leaving chandler and rural in Chandler AZ becuz my companion got hit with terror anxiety and fear after cop drove by. Probably hit him with something. I felt something but that kind of thing doesn't effect me anymore. I wanted to stay and torment the cop and locals all nite.

They r hiding something in that neighborhood and west of there.

Thought we saw a black male in back of big black suv smoking w window down and being driven around by driver.

Please tell me i didnt see that.
Phoenix had sold out to that crap last time i was here. Total arrogant spoilt rotten young brat blacks. Still obnoxious no matter how much money they have.

Is that what Chandler is hiding? Lmao

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Anonymous said...

Probably a big silicon valley area, research and development, all that.