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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 'Gang Stalking' System And Mass Mind Control Now In Complete Control Of Citizens And Targets-Turning Point 2010

Easter and I am clear as usual on holidays.

The technologies and other influence in use in the United States keep Targets like myself from leaving for other countries.

The effects of the tech make me more submissive, feminine, forgetful, and my Will is greatly subverted. I find I am needy and dependant emotionally and wounded mentally.

I have a rose-colored-glasses view of reality and I second guess my decision to flee the USA in favor of some better future that does not exist here.

The interface these days is constant.  Every thought, every feeling manipulated and controlled by the system unless its normal clear times with no effects like holidays, Sundays or from approx 12 midnight to 6 am Mon-Sat.

There's absolutely no freedom. You're made to believe that you are never alone becuz you are decieved into this false reality where you are in constant psychic content with various people.
Theres also an abuse of the intuition. If a TI actually does have some psychic ability such as being able to sense the feelings of people, knowing when danger or police are coming or knowing that  a friend or loved one is going to call or wanting to hear from us this system seems to hack into the psychic channels and deceive the TI into believing that every false interaction psychically is real.

Fooling and brainwashing those who possess psychic ability and using it to imprison us.

Its like the Holideck in Star Trek and its used to keep Targets in a false reality by hacking into Target's minds' and psychic channels.

Nowadays every thought is intercepted and responded to by the  system which then induces certain thoughts feelings and eventually forms certain attitudes towards things via that process.

Its brainwashing surely but its much worse than it was just a few years ago .

Bush may have been used to initially terrorize the country and beat everyone down but Obama's era is one of ensuring all rebels to thjs system become prisoners.
And worse this era seems to want Targets to become happy, compliant ones.

This system turns real life into a horrible virtual reality place where most activity occurs in the mind.  This is most likely the cause of so many veterans committing suicide. To the NWO way of thinking they are dangerous victim-witnesses and getting rid of them is cost effective for future budgeting like social security, homelessness and vets benefits.

The only thing keeping this system going is the ignorance of the public and their disbelief of its existence.

Psychiatry is involved heavily and are active in helping snag the TI initially as well as provide viable explanations or cover stories for this system's crimes against humanity.

Many good activists with information can't even divulge this info or work effectively due to being heavily targeted.

And what's so disheartening is how many people living in America and even traveling foreigners, not only know this system exists and don't care or actually approve but will gladly take part in it.

You cant blame everything on mass mind control. There is a population of people in the US who completely disregard the damages this system does to people. They seem to believe its good for the US which it might be if you want to create the kinda of place this is now.

Others seem to just be heartless as Ive experienced in the medical field. Whats going on there I don't understand, perhaps many people enter that field in order to hide and be able to be trusted authority in society.

Many perps will try to pawn off on the Target that these activities are just the way people are when in fact these actions are war crimes and  are part of a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign and part of classified projects.

If mass mind control is being used the US is done for. I've seen the changes in this culture and they are good for business and social control but not human beings health, well being and spiritual state.

I personally lately cant stop eating. I have consistently been made to feel well and not in pain and not tired  when clearly i need rest physically.

This system allowed for some free thought and Will and normalcy in the tis mind and In society until about mid 2010 where it seems the system of controling a TI and society generally became so overbearing that its now unbeatable.

There is not any kind of freedom from this system now. I don't know what the hell happened since a year or two ago but this is so oppressive now theres no choice left but to leave the country in search of someplace where this system either isnt in full throttle like here jn the USA or where it isnt or hasnt been implemented yet.


Anonymous said...

I just found out my mother owns 160 acres of forest land. And she did not bat an eyelash when I told her I was going to apply for a pell grant so I could take a few classes.

I think my mother might be just a broken character in a broken story that makes no sense any more.

Anonymous said...

What perps don't realize is we fighters are allowed to have a life, too. Today, I heard some little girl say something alluding to the fact that I'm "out of [my] cage". I've heard perps say that before. "Is [the ti] out of [the ti's] `cage'?" That's how it was mentioned, very casually and loud enough for me to hear.

The thing is, I'm not in a cage. THEY are the ones in a cage, because they are resigned to the system, whereas we are not obliged to satiate the System like they are. We have no obligation to the system. Therefore, TI's are not in cages. The perps and the sheep are the ones being confined and bound by rules and herded.

It's just so arrogant and snobbish of an attitude. Instead of being actual talented people doing something worthwhile, they fall through a default of being all control freakish by going along with the system and displaying arrogance by mentioning how they know we are TI's. And that girl was only 9 or 10 yo! She was little. And her dad was doing the same gestures as the other perps do before he picked her up. It's like it was no big deal to him.

And the system does not like it when TI's show a sense of dignity and self-worth. They just had some arrogant female in there mocking my dignity an hour before. And it was one of those nobody types we usually get, but they act all snooty nonetheless like they are superior to us.