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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Im Worth Alot Of Money Accordibg To A McDonalds Employee

Why is a McDonald's manager telling an employee in the bathroom something about me like to not bother me, and mentioning "mucho dinero, mucho dinero"?

This is why fighting against MK Ultra and such things in this country is pointless becuz all these people respect, fear, worship or care about is money.

Its.disgusting but predictable.

Perhaps leaving the US I can find someplace where I am out of reach of whoever has "mucho dinero" and influence to.keep me down and ruin my life.

Ive also realized my mistake in romanticizing Mexican culture as well as others.

The most gang stalkers by far.are African American. Mexicans however in large number know who I am and what seems to be at least a cover story.

I am also sick of hearing shit indirectly about my ex boyfriend and some stupid video he recorded.

Its typical of a nation this stupid, ignorant and either under or overeducated to believe that all this trouble could come from something that insignificant. They seem unable to concieve of a program such as MK Ultra or to accept that it never ceased. That the potential for mass mind control to be a threat to freedom the 21st century is totally realistic.

Even if they do know about what's really going on, the idea that many Americans dont evolve beyond finding it acceptable to be part of such things that destroy human lives shows the country is hopeless and not fit for anyone who has grown beyond teenage mind games, empty arrogance and dependence on a corrupt system.

I should have left years ago when I knew I had outgrown America-in my 20s. I might have been alot happier.

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Anonymous said...

No, the stalking won't stop in most of the major countries, everywhere the major powers have influence, and with globalization everyone wants to be part of
The Washington Consensus, or whatever they are calling the current financial world domination platform nowadays. People are that stupid every where, every where no matter what religion or bucolic-seeming environment, they all worship money and love to target people. It also did not begin in America, it began in Europe. The minorities are used because they are Uncle Toms who are more vicious than the "masters" who control them. It's no better in other parts of the world. I'm a world traveler and a target so I know 100% for sure.