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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bates Motel TV Series Poster Sign Of The Horns-Another American Media Brainwash Bore

I'd rather have a thousand black metal bands causing havoc openly (or lying about it but you'd know better wouldnt you?) than to have more of this hidden under whats supposed to be an unassuming typical American tv show. It just irks me beyond belief and I dont know why.

Its almost as if...the people behind putting it there are themselves not Satanic but only trying to destroy the minds of Americans with such subliminals.

Perhaps it just annoys me becuz its overt, tasteless, boring and sneaky. I want evil to be like it used to be. But I suppose Leave It To Beaver was pretty evil- with its totally false environments, lack of any extended family members and whitebread, lacking, uptight family scenes.

Its probably just psychological warfare on whoever has been freaked out by this crap on purpose so that we get all paranoid about it when we see it. Then again, the public may very well actually be being brainwashed further each time this appears in something like this.

There's something creepy about a Hell with no fire. A dark place where everyone sort of shuffles around, accepting the darkness, living in it like a slave.

The NWO has turned the concept of 'Hell' into basically a place lacking in true human emotions.

Its true that being a TI, such as myself- I thought about it today. That I make the best of it by traveling the country and its been and is getting more and more like trying to enjoy traveling while in Hell. But the thing about this is that its all falsified. Its electromagnetic and microwave and chem trails and psychological ops creating a Hellish reality for me. If I go underground in a hospital building or anywhere deep enough underground or on a holiday, a Sunday or between approx 12 midnight to 6 am Monday through Saturday anywhere in the USA, in the ocean- even up on a mountain where no wi fi or other signal exists this Hell then ceases and I feel normal, just like it was 1994 again. Or at least 2002.

I think what is so aggravating about the conditions outside nowadays for those of us targeted and living outside in the USA is that this Hell they've created to torture us is totally false. Its dishonest and man made. Its a product of the intel agencies, the military industrial complex and whoever else is involved. Its TECHNOMANCY.

Its not truly a state of the soul or a place in the human mind. Actually this system destroys human's minds so that all that exists are the interfaces from the technologies-as if the person were an empty puppet.

So the use of Satanism is especially annoying in this culture right now. Hiding it under mom and apple pie is really ridiculous as well as the use of what feels more like a Communist state society of collectivism and lack of individuality instead of unique individualism. Many Satanists feel that Satamism is about being pure spirit.

Even when it comes to something totally evil in nature I dont trust The State or the powers that be. And with all of the content Ive seen in my own campaign that first pushed Satanism then after realizing I had a long history of occult self study- magically turned to Christian content, Jesus and strangers on the street telling me that "If only you'd become a Christian" that this would all end. And lets not forget that Israeli who pushed for conversion- one of the more ridiculous perp theaters Ive seen yet.

Its not Satanism- its a massive ongoing media campaign to brainwash the western world to believe in or act in the name of some concept of 'satanism'.

It resembles moreso Communist brainwashing. The results in this country nowadays resemble moreso the former USSR, East Germany or China not a society of really intense, interesting, dark people who are individualists or unique.

There is something creepier than even Satanism about the State pushing for any sort of mass conversion to a belief system. It reeks more of enslavement than rebellion. And if Rothschild is truly behind this then its not so much Satanism as something else.

Its also disturbing how, in gang stalking campaigns targeting individuals like myself, this much torment with constant media references like this in the media, pushes a TI to actually become so weary that we might actually fall into Christianity just to get some rest or safety.
The use of the mind control technologies have been used by those very large churches like the ones in TX. The evangelist kind. Ive seen preachers in tv years ago telling viewers that the viewers are having experiences that only could be induced from these technologies.

Ive also experienced many church people to be in on this but they are NOT helping TI's. They most likely are just working for the State or the larger institutions that provide social control.

Brainwashing and behavior modification is about repetition and wearing someone down. Enough average stupid people who are certainly not 'the best' or special or even intense in thier beliefs- just stupid, aggressive, obnoxious humans part of a mob movement-acting in a Satanic manner or working off of what they believe is Satanic or Satanism or being badass or whatever it is driving them to be selfish STUPID people instead of truly deserving self possessed SPECIAL people...enough of them day after day after day f*cking with a TI and that person may just run the other way seeking Christians and thier values simply as a way of escaping being tormented by stupid, dumb monkeys who now have access to spying equipment, communications tech and have been given the idea that Satanism is some sort of communist like movement where there is power in numbers.

Uh, I dont recall the people Ive read about historically as being down with the people in thier Satanic beliefs. Moreso hiding out in societies very selective about who they take in, in order to keep away from such riff raff, not include them.

Its very suspect that the Masons are recruiting the way they are or that Satanism would be so widespread like a communist movement where everyone thinks alike, dresses alike and behaves the same way.

I dont think these are people who were born with something special thats powerful- they are sheep who are being shepherded by something evil that wants to utilize them is all. They are still sheep.

And the kids nowadays are really f*cked up. Most of them have been in the military and they are totally unlike any former generation who's served. They seem completely unmoved by what they've experienced. They seem ultimately conformist, heartless and conservative. Unimaginative and very limited as human beings.

I highly suspect that this GS system or something like it is whats causing certain vets to commit suicide- the ones who cant handle what they've seen or done serving in these long years of war. Its totally normal now to get rid of the human beings in our society who cant seem to handle reality as its dictated by the powers that be. People now see this as a necessary cleansing that makes the country stronger and keeps the USA and allies safe in the global economy. It certainly will save the govt money in the future as far as social security, medical bills, homelessness etc.

Perhaps what irks me most is that the State or powers that be are pushing a religious and philosophical belief system onto the public and in a sneaky way. Satan or any force is supposed to be real to people- not just a lifestyle with a philosophy that creates a cult. The people I am seeing involved in this in society certainly are animals and they are expressing that side of humanity- but they dont have any force within them. They arent metaphysically superior or talented. They are simply sheep who have gone from an Abrahamic god to his darker counterpart from being brainwashed by the State.

In a way it seems like this new bullshit version of collective Satanism is like a religion of the State, such as in communist countries. Its a brilliant move to take something like Satanism which is mystical in nature, dark and unseen (like sneaking hand signs into tv show posters etc) and have that attract the sheep so they dont realize they are simply being controlled by The State- due to the covert, shady and dark nature (supposedly) of 'Satanism'.

Enslavement of mankind certainly is Satanic in nature I suppose- but does it have to be so boring? If you are Satanic why are you going along with whats corporate, popular and worst of all- Hollywood?

I smell Zionists afoot....and Rothschilds. And the elite who have found formulas that finally work to get the public under control. Its better than the damn dark ages for them.

The ultimate worst thing about whats going on is American's continued naivety about the existence of Satanic cults in the USA and abroad. This entire situation would be tolerable if only Americans would accept such things exist in daily life and humans are capable of such attitudes and deeds- and very capable of concealing thier involvement in them.

And if the average citizen who's merely part of a mob hiding behind whats popular didnt think they were so damn smart and clever.

Its the same damn people who have been pissing off dissident, rebellious people forever now somehow going after the same dissident, rebellious people in today's society but they are  believing THEY are badass for being involved in pho-Satanism.

These are THE SAME assholes who decades ago were  nasty and disregarding to kids who were different like goths or metal heads or Satanists who'd sit in the back of the class with Metallica shirts or Anal Cunt etc. The IN CROWD mentality. They would never get tattoos becuz back then you couldnt get them removed- now I see these cocks*ckers with no respect for commitment, having run of the mill massive boring work on thier arms but it always ends either at thier wrists or t-shirt sleeves so they can fit in at work.

They take thier bikes in little gangs out on weekends decked out in Harley gear and attempt to terrorize the neighborhood like real  bikers used to. Only on weekends mind you. And of course these are the assholes fucking with Targets. I dont get f*cked with by real bikers-I feel like they ride by and either feel its sad or a sort of respect for me still being out here, if they know who I am at all. If bikers gangs are involved, I assume I wouldnt actually know it becuz being businessmen, the harassment would be covert and part of doing the gang's business not gloating like the YUPpies I just described.

Someone told them its badass to shave your head when you go bald instead of just being a bald guy- becuz now you can hide being bald and pretend you shave your head to be B-A-D!

Their all American hero the former US Marine wrestler John Cena sneakily flashes the sign of the horns. They listen to metal now and rap or whatever else they believe is badass.

They do everything in a manner that is NOT Satanic or rebellious.
 Just becuz June and Ward get tattoos up to thier workshirt sleeve lines, dress in fetish-wear in broad daylight, wear huge fetish stilettos as normal high heels for dressing up for a party, Ward shaves his head when he goes bald and the weekend warrior it on bikes  with bs Harley gear- DOES NOT MEAN THEY STILL ARENT THE SAME ALL AMERICAN, CONFORMIST A-HOLES THEY ALWAYS WERE.

This is all corporate American bullshit. And that as well as the powers that be who want our society totally controlled with goooood little consumers is who is behind this. If Satan were around now he might be impressed with the enslavement end of this but bored out of his f*cking mind by the rest of it.

Stay away from the sheep. They are being thoroughly brainwashed so that every sort of normal structuring of society we knew has now changed so quickly that those of you who are unprepared are going to be caught in the nets.

Front page of an AZ newspaper today stated that Whites are now the minority and that alignments of allies and enemies have basically become very different in arrangement as opposed to just a decade ago. Those of us who are out here know this- from being in major cities across the country for years. People in Boston would not believe what the hell is going on in SoCal or the Southwest.  Rap music where Nubians are now either claiming Satanic beliefs or that Afrocentric bs about Egypt (Masonry etc) has taken over all cultures outside of being a YUPpie, a Hipster or upper class in the USA. Boston and such places are the exception where there is still a diverse culture of different kinds of people living amongst each other.
The music is made for brainwashing humans. Its repetitive, unimaginative, negative- all the worst of a slave culture. Jazz also comes from this culture so why not also listen to that? The worst of America's slave population's culture has been embraced and your average American has been marketed to that this is whats acceptable and normal. Perfect for getting people comfortable with a recession and a bad economy and high gas prices- becuz life is just so tuff in the hood, y'all!  And now the public are stuck in that mentality where they are degraded so that its not hard to get them used to the powers that be degrading thier QUALITY OF LIFE.
Brilliant once again on the part of the oppressor.  Btw- when I lived in a ghetto for a few years all the single mom's (like everyone's mom) I saw including my own were clawing and scratching or hanging onto whatever man came along as a meal ticket TO GET OUT OF THE GHETTO not stay in the f*cker and suffer. Yer supposed to rise above that sh*t not get comfortable and start buying clothes and music marketed to keeping you down in it. WTF????

This is all to build a culture of oppression not seen since the USSR, East Germany or any other horrible, oppressive place in history you can think of. And its being done by appealing to the public's animal or beast within where acting as shitty as possible or living in 'darkness' is rewarded, specifically a conformist and dark reality.

It takes a truly highly intelligent person to live in the kind of darkness that is truly a black horrible place of suffering and torment. The masses have sort of dulled senses so that all of this doesnt offend them. Also they are not truly daring or smart about crime. Anyone who thinks going to jail is a badge of courage is an idiot. In the old days if you pulled that in Boston, you were considered very stupid for getting caught, never trusted again (you could be a rat now) and if involved in a crime organization- reduced to 'soldier' for life.  Most average Americans I meet out here now all have a case going, are on probation or 'just got out'.  Again corporate influence- this time of the corporate prison system.

Americans are no longer in charge of thier own lives. For some reason they refuse to truly accept how much corporate America now not only influences thier lives but runs almost every aspect of it. Our entire culture is now defined by what is marketed to people to think, wear, believe or how to live.

America is gone. Its over. Unless you want to submit to this kind of oppression you wont fit in. Thus the sheep will believe its oh so cool and Satanic to be destructive (working for the power structure of course) when in fact they have been brainwashed to believe this by the same powers who were marketing them Christianity, conformity and whatever was acceptable decades ago.

The angle of the YUPpie lifestyle is that those of us who do not want to be brought down into the NWO ghetto worshipping cesspool culture thats overtaken lower classes and middle classes are supposed to become scared into working extra hard and conforming to being YUPpies in order to escape such a fate. Which of course is also preventing people from being who they really are and discouraging individualism all to serve the agenda of corporate America.

It certainly is a living Hell when the common people are told they have the power of devils when it is they who are being deceived- totally and absolutely.  And making life miserable once again for the individualist, the artist, the Traveler or the freethinker. And add a good amount of bullshit patriotism to that- becuz anyone who has actually stayed in this country and is happy with it enough to live here and flourish, believes that molding the country in this way is what will make America 'strong'. They are brainwashed to believe that this is Satanism and that means strength.

Its very dangerous for the masses to have thier hands on such concepts as well as all the tech they have access to. And they will and are being utilized by the powers that be to make life intolerable for anyone who want conform like a dumb chimp to thier brainwashed, numbed out society.

I often wonder just how many of these people actually know about this use of MK Ultra and the technologies and chemical controls over individual targets and society generally. Its quite possible that these morons actually realize that advances in technologies have become as such that they can be used to mold and shape and control society and its people. It would not surprise me one bit if the animals actually accepted this easily and went along with it- its all in the way you present it to them. Market it to them.
If they believe that most of society that they conform to is aware of this and a Target is not then they will accept it becuz it aligns them with the powers that be that run thier country. It aligns them with other citizens- its patriotic. Its normal. Its common. Its acceptable.

Anyone else who doesnt know whats really going on now will be marketed, aggressively- that a Target is merely mentally ill. And they will easily believe this becuz, unlike our  'IN' crowd citizens they lack the cunning and sense of evil and darkenss (lol) that it takes to be 'in on' a modern open secret like mass mind control or gang stalking.

Ive seen gang stalking groups of all kinds- and they ALL function off of cult dynamics. EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Ive seen rich kids working in hostels being run by a local black gangsta asshole with his sleazy Latino partner. Ive seen the gs groups who take over entire Greyhound buses to go after one target and have kids as young as 15 working for them, who are so jaded they will squelch any sympathetic feelings for the victim by saying "She's JUST a Target".  

These groups all seem to be very similar to Jim Jones's Peoples Temple cult. It would make sense that much of whats gone on with cults in America from People's Temple to the Church Of Satan (thus Aquino and military) connected Manson family were studies or experiments in seeing just what it takes to make people perform as a cult to serve the agenda. The same can be said of organized crime and black street gangs now turned into larger organizations as well.

Work-a-day Satanism is just one more way to get people to live in a cult mentality. The normalization of it like the normalization of torture is simply a way of controlling large populations of people. Its not necessarily genuinely real but humans make things real by acting on thier belief in them. Which is what they dont realize to begin with which is why religious and other belief systems work so well to control them.

The repeated referencing of the sign-of-the-horns in American media (Michelle Obama's VOGUE cover, Bush's constant flashing of the horns under the guise of being a TX Longhorns fan, multiple ads in magazines etc) is spotted by those who think they are either in on something or have discovered that the there's powers that be that are up to something. It  fools those who have eyes to see unless you really understand what you are looking at.
Its purpose is to cult mind control some and make others paranoid- namely Christians or those being led to believe Satanic factions are terrorizing them as many TIs have been exposed to.
 Others live in denial and wont even notice the subliminal and upon pointing it out will deny its existence or will quickly write it off as an oddity, refusing to see a pattern of such symbolism in media generally.  These are usually the people its easy to convince that a TI is mentally ill. They just dont have time or inclination for games- those that do buy into it and are controlled by it either for their benefit or detriment.

The key is to see through this as just one more attempt by the powers in charge now to gain full control over humanity to create the perfect servants, consumers, jailers, guard dogs and slaves for thier NWO.  The people behind this may worship Satan or Lucifer or whatever-so if such powers exist then why are there no other countering powers other than an ineffectual Abrahamic god?  There are, they just only want to show you whats going to get you under thier control. So dont buy into it.

Besides it boring- when common people believe they themselves are elite (roll eyes) trust me we are all going to suffer. From fantastic amounts of boredom and lack of imagination, stimuli or creativity. Slavery doesnt really leave room those things.

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Anonymous said...

It is happening very rapidly. What I don't like, as a target, is how they bust down the doors of your life, and send you this message that they don't like you and tell you to "get out". It's like it's their world, get out, because you're trespassing on THEIR turf.

So not only are they rude arrogant and wrong for kicking in the doors of your life, but they think tbey own everything and everyone's lives or something. So that's why they think they have a right to brainwash targets: because THEY own your house, your world, and why they have gangstalkers steal your possessions. It's because they feel like they are the rightful owner of everything you have. So it makes sense they'd be trying to run your life, because they own you too. That's according to them. They are the ultimate thieving criminals.