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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Going to find shelter and save up to leave usa

The only thing left to do now is find shelter and save up to leave the
The country is hopeless and is being run by a racist, black piece of shit tool of oppression who has destroyed what little good was left in the USA after Bush started the process by terrorizing the country. I am so targeted all the time I cant even call a lawyer or ask for help. I am sick of running around a culture.I dont even like in a country thats totally unrecognizable to me now.Every city is run by either yuppies or arrogant ghetto dwellers, gangsta wannabes. There is not one place I've found where I feel  comfortable. Where I actually like the culture.I'd say two months of saving and I can get out of the US.

America lies and cheats and exploits and steals then blames everyone else then acts to silence or destroy victims by claiming its self defense.

America is truly evil. And the worst kind of evil is where people pretend they are right and good.

Its a dry sanitized culture where only criminals and assholes make.it and decent spirited people are oppressed and treated viscously.

Though I like Native American culture I.now have a theory that Native DNA is what makes.America perpetually warlike and abusive and exploitative of other peoples. Theres something very damaging to the spirituality of the Native in mixing with the European whos known nothing but spiritualess, oppressive, destructive, violent religions for thousands of years.

Whatever was positive about the Native its been subverted in this culture thats been created leaving only the negative such as misogyny, war, savagery, violence and a dumbed down intelligence that was incapable of the technological and artistic feats of other cultures.

The only positive Native cultures left are little in number and destroyed beyond repair by this hybrid culture, much like Mexicans abuse and ignore the Natives in their country even though these people are an origin of their native DNA.

Europeans who arrived here and have flourished seem to be just as dumbed down as other Americans now who come from the hybrid culture.

One must remember our ancestors are people who couldnt make it wherever they were coming from.

And the herd mentality here is so bad now. Its become a constant mobbing mentality now that the public all have technologies to utilize. Just beasts never considering their nature or how to refine it-just how to create war or aquire more means to dominate other animals or more effective ways to sling feces at each other.

America sucks. Thats all there is to it. I'd rather starve to death back in the homelands of my ancestors instead of continuing to try to live in a culture I dont understand and when I do, dont agree with.

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