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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Surveillance Network Nationwide Create Spy Network/ TrapWire


Anonymous said...

Also, they want to destroy anyone that can't be manipulated or conned into working for Then. I figure that's why they need to destroy or start altering the person to be a fraction of what the TI once was. Because if the TI is smart enough to see what they are up to, they must be destroyed in order to keep their command over the world up.

So TI's can be proud of the fact that they refused to be ass-kissing yes-men and do what They desired. maybe certain people like us can see what they are up to, and they can see behind the scenes beyond what is superficial. Like me, I feel like I have an extra-sensory ability that is somewhat like Superman and his X-Ray vision. I could sense and strongly feel that child molestation was a big part of what goes on in certain levels of gangstalking. Hence, the mirroring of what they are up to in the slander campaign content. everywhere I go, I can feel the child sex networks at work. It's like the Third Eye or something like X-Ray vision that allows me to see what's below the surface. Either that, or certain factions are providing little glimpses into how all of this big machine operates.

Really, it doesn't take X-Ray vision to figure it all out; it's very common sense to me. They make out TI's to be child molesters when they are not, clue no. 1, and the whole operation operates on witness intimidation and control, not to mention it is highly illegal and unethical. So combining those facts with my extra perception, I concluded that child sacrifices are very common at all levels of gangstalking.

And I can see where child sacrificing is a big part of the Elite's perks that they enjoy, as well as intimidating witnesses/TI's/whistleblowers with behavior mod and huge gangstalking mobs.

How is it that the sheep don't see this? Why would they agree to take part in something which has a very shady premise in the first place? if it's because they enjoy getting away with something very criminal, then they shouldn't be pretending to be all righteous. I guess the righteous part is them seeing what they want to see to protect the other half of their evil psyche's from any guilt resulting from going along with destroying a target.

Anonymous said...

Part way down is the quote of some article:

A judge has refused to dismiss a "bizarre" civil suit brought by a Nanaimo man, who is seeking

$2 billion in damages from Microsoft, Telus, Wal-Mart, the RCMP and other defendants over alleged brain-wave control, satanic rituals and witchcraft.

Justice Fraser Wilson heard from five lawyers on Monday, arguing that the case brought forward by Jerry Rose is so outrageous it should have been dismissed immediately.

Rose's claim states "that he has been subject to invasive brain computer interface technology, research, experiments, field studies and surgery" and also named the University of B.C. and the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons as defendants.