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Friday, March 22, 2013

AZ Another Example of Whats wrong with this shithole country

SoCal and AZ are prime examples of whats wrong with America. Whatever was cool or interesting about AZ is now gone. Its the same formula for every other shithole city in the US now.

Rich assholes who are classist fucks but might accept diversity as long as they r of the same clas who have community watch and cops and tech and inyelligence companies guarding their little palaces vigilantly against anything they dont like even if the means r totally illegal.
Or its ghetto as hell which has become not a place of serious activism but Afrocentrism black or Mexican nationalism and Wiggers who buy into the corporate brainwash of marketing slave culture to them so they can glorify a continuing low quality of life and stay in bigoted ignorance.

Or yuppies who either gentrify areas to make them theirs only or white flight someplace else.

Or simply corporate wasteland for endless miles (like Phoenix and mesa).

All of these populations have a good amount of house slaves ensuring they keep anyone in check who threatens the oppressive corrupt American system.

So many Mexicans know who i am and think still this situation is merely funny. So many Americans hate me, disregard me and act as if i shud have given up by now as if i am being foolish becuz dont i know i have no money or power or that no one in the US cares about what i do.or say.

I hate This piece of.shit country and what an absolute ignorant shithole its become.

Fuck the united states. I am heading north to someplace where i can spend four months saving up and i am leaving and will join anti-Americanism and go against this piece of shit's policies however and whenever i can.

This year is so bad with oppression of gravelers its necessary to now only go to certain places that are still tolerant.

I won't be here to see what this fascist piece of shit does next to destroy poor euroAmerican volk.

But i am going to write.that book telling the whole world how disgusting this country is.

Warcrimes are funny and a joke. Fuck America. I cant wait to leave.


murdoc said...

Don't be frustrated, I just heard that America is the top place other country natives want to move to especially China.

Anonymous said...

They actually hate us because they have this defined fake version of reality they live in. And they get mad when targets, who frequently live in the real world as it really exists, not as a bunch of fake assholes want it to exist. So it makes them mad when someone shatters their little myths that they are wrong and hopeless little slaves to their fake reality. That's why so many gangstalkers are "actors": because they live in a fake reality, they see it as like a movie they are starring in. Targets: they see through the fog and that perps are just plain idiots who have lost touch with reality. We see that they are nothing special, that their fake reality is just like a smelly pile of dirty rags, and it conflicts with their view that they are living in Atlantis, where they have these "superior traits" compared to targets.

I as a target find them, their little inflated egos and their pile of shit fake reality DISGUSTING and vile. What the hell am I going to get out of wanting to live in their stinky fake reality? They are high on their own false beliefs and fake reality.

mej313 said...

I left the shithole only to find the same shit, but I think it's more violent in America than in Thailand. But in Germany I met Germans who killed members of their own family, all brainwashed going to psychiatrists and doped up and mind controlled. Father and son murdered by wife, who goes to a state-sponsored therapist, while remaining son at home looks like a defeated frog and all are miserable. All German neighbors participate. Everything one functioning state of terror against the target. Just like in America.

In Thailand, the "Buddhist" gentle country, Thai people like swarms of flies attacking me from every direction, in every store. All acting exactly on cue with the stalking, like perfect actors. All smiling and laughing. They don't have homeless and they don't have guns but they are controlled by The West, and The West is devouring Asia. It's still better than the US though. America has become very violent, very horrible, very brainwashed very ignorant. I don't want to go back. But they have almost murdered me on every continent. I am living surrounded by European/Russian nazis and Thai whores, everywhere I go and it's thousands of people attacking me from Europe and Thailand. Everywhere I go, night and day, 24 hours a day, electromagnetic torture and stalking. But as I wrote, the verbal shit from Thai people is less because they can't speak English very well. They are ignorant as hell, without urban ghetto culture that America has. Some sort of shit, ignorant minorities acting like house slaves.

dangenbrack said...

Hi, Interesting blog...Canadian TI here since 1985, if your thinking of moving north to Canada I'm sorry to report but the gang stalking is in full effect here, even in this frozen backwater of the British Empire , I'm thinking of moving to Quebec, at least they don't flouridate the water supply and I'm under attack by the Pharmaceutical Mafia here in Ontario, not to mention the O.P.P., but don't get me started. Speaking of Arizona, have you seen ? It's prolly disinfo, but still alot of truth, the concept is accurate. Isn't Arizona a retirement haven for the mafia,and totally corrupt ? Well, best of luck to you.

Cheers ,